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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, This plugin removes the clif->fixpos function from TF_BACKSLIDING, which fixes the non-animation when using it. Hope it helps somebody.
  2. Hello Guys! Im currently working on a vacation project where I want to create a FullPVP Server Pre-Renewal. I'm having some problem with my snap dodge configuration to dodge my "asura strike" skill. I know there are a lot of content on the internet, but not similar to my issue, I'm already struggling with it for about a week, I'v searched for an answere and couldn't figure this out. I have already changed my config on conf/map/battle/battle.conf From: // Should the target be able of dodging damage by snapping away to the edge of the screen? // Official behavior is false snap_dodge: false To: // Should the target be able of dodging damage by snapping away to the edge of the screen? // Official behavior is false snap_dodge: true And it works flawlessly while snap_dodging the Sonic blow skill. the problem comes when I try to snap dodge an "Asura Strike", it seems to me that the damage of the skill comes after the Animation delay, and on this case I can't dodge the damage. I have noticed that my champion animation is quite diffrent from another servers that I Play. I can't figure this out alone, could you guys give me some help? I am using Client 2010-07-30 UPDATE: I tried to use another emulator to check if this is a problem with Hercules itself, and indeed it is. The other emulator is working as expected.
  3. Is this official behavior? I remember these skills use to have animations. Now, Shadow Jump will always result in the character facing east (with no finish animation like Asura Strike has) and backsliding just throws your character back without movement animation.
  4. DrawMove Websites / Premades / Animation Services Did you ever wish to create a nice animated website, without using a paid and heavy technology like flash, or outdated GIFs? Well it's now possible with us ! DrawMove is a team of two persons. I am the website coder/designer, and my friend, Arkreika is a graphist and animator. Our work is focused on two goals: Providing quality premade at reasonable price and Creating animations for websites in HTML5. About our Websites [*]They work on an improved FluxCP version. [*]They are compatible with any emulator version. [*]They have custom features and plugins, automatically included. [*]They are fast, light, modern (CSS3 & HTML5). [*]Even if they are pre-mades, they are customizable. We offer colors changes, background changes and images changes (Included in price). [*]Price includes after sales support and bug fixes. (** As long as our deal is respected) [*]Average price 230$. [*]Fast installation (Between 1 to 4 days). About our Animations [*]We can make an animation from any existing picture that you can provide and we also have a lot of Ragnarok art ready to be animated. [*]They are coded in HTML5 and Javascript. They are compatible with all the *not too old* browsers. They even work on mobile phone! [*]They can be included very easily on any existing website. It is the same as adding a <div> in your page. [*]Setup of the animation is offered. [*]Average price 50$ per animation (Depends the complexity). Examples of our works Websites Premades (You can test the online demos, and try different themes). >> Online Demo << >> Online Demo << >> Online Demo << Free FluxCP Theme With Animated Golden Shura >> Online Demo (Free theme) << Animations (We have made around ~10 Animations, you can check our website or the youtube channel). Thanks for reading! If you are interested in our services or if you have any question, please contact by email [email protected] or using skype (kami-shi). We also have a website: