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Found 3 results

  1. Greetings, Upon going through the modifications I have to make for my scripts and ideas to work with Herc, I encountered different kinds of shops and other features. However, stubborn as I am, I wonder if it is possible to modify clif.c to add/modify the current currencies for an item from our item database? Taking the source for the Cash/Point shop, I see that currency is being declared, but due to my lack of programming skills I can't think of a way to point it to a new value, namely one from the item database. Is anyone able to push me in the right direction? I've already located the most likely point of origin to modify for this to be possible, the spoiler below contains the cash shop code from clif.c. Thanks in advance. Note: I have done my search and did find this as an option, however I like to expand my horizon and get things done how I have them in mind. Potentially providing a change for others to use. I'm not too lazy to search, just too stubborn to accept workaround to be a valid solution.
  2. Hello !! thank you for clicking on the link and reading my request.... May i request for an NPC which can actually fetch the credits data from the flux cp and would be a shop which would sell items in exchange of the credits in flux panel db. I m requesting u because i m getting too much of item duper complaints and i guess setting global variables or using the predefined db like cp_credits would actually help in secure way of dealing with items. Hoping for a positive response Regards...
  3. Hi I got this script from my friend. Its current set to 1:1 ratio for converting PoDs to Cashpoints and vice versa. Could you help to make it 20 Cash Points = 1 PoDs and 1 PoDs = 20 Cash points. prontera,163,169,5 script Donation Manager 871,{ //,677 set [email protected],7179; mes "[^0000FFDonation Manager^000000]"; mes "Hi ^ff8800"+strcharinfo(0)+"^000000,"; mes "Donation Item(s) are in the Cash Shop"; mes "~ PODS into Cash Points"; mes "Cash Points: [^ff0000"+#CASHPOINTS+"^000000]"; switch(select("^ff0000>^000000 Cancel:^0000ff>^000000 Exchange to Cash Points:^0000ff>^000000 Exchange to PODS")) { case 1: break; case 2: next; mes "[^0000FFDonation Manager^000000]"; mes "Please input the amount of Proof of Donations you want to exchange."; mes "Note: Put ^0000ff0^000000 to exit."; L_inpcoin: input @hcoins; set @hhcoins,@hcoins; if(@hhcoins == 0) { break; } if(countitem([email protected]) < @hhcoins) { mes "* ^ff0000Please input a valid amount^000000"; mes "(Put ^0000ff0^000000 to exit)."; goto L_inpcoin; } next; delitem [email protected],@hhcoins; set #CASHPOINTS,#[email protected]; mes "[^0000FFDonation Manager^000000]"; mes "You've exchanged (^ff0000"[email protected]+"^000000) "+getitemname([email protected])+"(s). Total Cash Points: [^0000ff"+#CASHPOINTS+"^000000]"; dispbottom "[Cash Trader] You've exchanged ("[email protected]+") "+getitemname([email protected])+"(s). Total Cash Points: ["+#CASHPOINTS+"]"; break; case 3: next; mes "[^0000FFDonation Manager^000000]"; mes "Please input the amount of cash that you want to exchange."; mes "Note: Put ^0000ff0^000000 to exit."; L_inpcash: input @hcash; set @hhcash,@hcash; if(@hhcash == 0) { break; } if(#CASHPOINTS < @hhcash) { mes "* ^ff0000Please input a valid amount^000000"; mes "(Put ^0000ff0^000000 to exit)."; goto L_inpcash; } //I know they weight 0 but just in case you change its weight if (!checkweight([email protected],@hhcash)) { mes "* ^ff0000You're overweight please store some items.^000000"; dispbottom "[Cash Trader] You're overweight please store some items."; break; } next; set #CASHPOINTS,#CASHPOINTS - @hhcash; getitem [email protected],@hhcash; mes "[^0000FFDonation Manager^000000]"; mes "You've exchanged (^ff0000"[email protected]+"^000000) Cash Points to "+getitemname([email protected])+"(s). Total Cash Points: [^0000ff"+#CASHPOINTS+"^000000]"; dispbottom "[Cash Trader] You've exchanged ("[email protected]+") Cash Points to "+getitemname([email protected])+"(s). Total Cash Points: ["+#CASHPOINTS+"]"; break; } close;}
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