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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I'm looking for a partner who's mostly willing to work on a project for the love of the game. I have a steady job, and can easily pay for most of the things needed, but someone who's ready to help a little financially would be of great help to get the project moving. We would of course share the donations within the staff, if we ever decide to implement any, which would only be statless hats for the only purpose of looking good! I already have a whole server setuped on Digital Ocean and I also own a Web Host at StableHost. We really need someone dedicated and who's comfortable doing a little bit of everything: Basic scripting Basic scripts modifications Basic SRC files modifications We also need someone who's ready and motivated to learn how to use platforms such as: Ubuntu linux droplet, on which the servers runs. You only need to learn some basic commands which I can teach you in 5 minutes. Github, to modify files right from the server's repository instead of directly on the SFTP, where the server files are hosted. Bitvise, which is used to access the sftp for the server files, the SSH window to access ubuntu on which you use the commands to start, stop the server and many other things. Also, the web host to modify any files related to the website. I'm very patient and open minded, I will gladly guide you through it all if you don't know how to use any this. If you're interested or you know someone who might, you can contact me on Discord: Sirique#9034 & If you don't use Discord just PM here or send me a good old email at [email protected] Thank you for your time and hopefully you'll be interested to join me on this great adventure that is the making of an awesome Ragnarok Online Private server!
  2. Episode: 11.3 Nameless Island Server Mode: Classic Pre-Renewal Current Class: 2-2 ( Trans ) Max Base Level: 99 Max Job Level: 70 Max Stats: 99 Max ASPD: 190 Max Party Capacity: 20/20 Max Guild Capacity: 56/56 Death Penalty: 1% Max Zeny: 2,000,000,000z Server Rates Base: 3x Job: 3x Item Drop: 3x Normal Cards: 1x MVP Normal Drop: 3x MVP Card Drop: 1x MVP Cards: Enabled Mini Boss Cards: Enabled Server Features ✓ GEPARD 3.0 ✓ No Bots ✓ Healer ✓ Stylist ✓ Hourly Rewards ✓ Automated Events ✓ Party Bonus System ✓ Floating Rates - Daily! ✓ No Multi Clients / Dual Clients ✓ VIP System - To be implemented soon! ✓ Official Quest, NPCs, Refine, Crafting ✓ Warper - Towns, Field & Dungeons ( Level 1 Only ) ✓ Proxy Servers - To accommodate players all over the world! ✓ Official Job Change ( Old School type where you need to do the quest! ) Available Commands @rates @refresh @autotrade @exp @help @reject @charcommands @time @uptime @channel @showexp @accept @whereis @whodrops @showzeny @hominfo @commands @jailtime @request @autoloot @homstats @duel @mobinfo Website: https://oldschoolragnarok.com Register: http://oldschoolragnarok.com/?module=account&action=create Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/osroclassic/ Download Links Full Client - http://oldschoolragnarok.com/download/Old School - Full Client.rar Lite Client - http://oldschoolragnarok.com/download/Old School - Lite Client.rar
  3. Here at EggRO we're looking for many staff positions to be filled, but for now, let me tell you a little more about our project entitled "EggRO". First of all, we are well informed that RO is not as huge as it used to be. There's clearly predominant pre-renewal lr servers right now, but our goal is to make an impact by doing things differently with the good old memories we all hold dear of our first steps as RO players. "Just like when my mama used to cook my eggs on a cold december morning..." That's a good memory right?! This is exactly where we want to hit as hard as we can... Nostalgia of course... Not my lovely mama! We have a lot of ideas and we want to share them with our whole staff. There's no games of hide and seek in our team, everyone will be well aware of everything we plan to do. Here's some information you might find useful about what we've done so far: 1. I used Ubuntu 16.04.3 x64 on DigitalOcean to setup the server. 2. We have a full functional RO folder that match our server's setup. 3. We also have a professional website and thor patcher's design. As for the staff positions we're looking to fill, they're are the following: -Event GMs -Experienced scripter -Someone with developing experiences to support me -Support GMs -Someone to make/manage our wiki and facebook page. (It can wait) **Right now we mostly want to have a small group to build this server from the ground up and then expand the staff when the server is up and running at his full potential. Of course if you want to be an Event GM or Support GM, feel free to apply, we'll keep you informed of everything our developing team is working on. We are very dedicated and we want to make this project come to fruition. We try to be as active as much as we can, because we know from past experiences that when you to start a project like that and that your partners suddenly transform into mute ghosts, it can be very frustrating. For more information feel free to contact me on skype: My email is [email protected] If we decide we're on the same page I'll grant you access to our staff Discord's page.
  4. Hi everyone, First, I need to know what client are stable for Classic RO which only have Knight, Priest and etc job only and lvl 99/50. Second, I need to know is that any problem if I'm using latest Hercules server file? Or I need to do my own modification for making Classic RO server? Third, If anyone have classic server file, could someone share it here? Thank You.
  5. Hello. I'd like to request for a classic quest npc please. maybe around 5 npc's if possible or any. Thanks in advance!
  6. I am looking for a classic Hercules package that all NPCs, maps, monsters, etc. are in classic time. Not sure which episode (guess around 8.2) it was but there was no high class and third class (only upto 2-2). Where can I find those packages? Thank you!
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