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Found 3 results

  1. We currently have a rAthena server and we are planning to migrate to Hercules. We need the following: Client side modifications/Client SRC/Script/Plugin developer Proxy/Server Setup Database Migration from rAthena to Hercules. PM me or message here for your pricing and expertise.
  2. Hello people! As we all know this is the main function Now, My server doesnt 'drop' unidentified items, so there is no means for the unidentifiedDisplayName, unidentifiedResourceName, unidentifiedDescriptionName, variable. Now the question is, What should be the 'code' be for the main_function? is this even possible? Why am I doing this? To save space + for easier addition/editing of items! Thanks in advance for the help! Hercules truly has a great community! -Anjo
  3. i have default but i want to have schg_cas06,07,08 and arug_cas06,07,08 how i can add duplicate that default map?
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