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Found 4 results

  1. I'm Having A problem when showing front on my character equipping Archangel Wing.
  2. I would like to apologize for the English, i need a NPC PVP Without Donates or custon FUNTIONAL please. I'm looking for almost 2 weeks, and I can not find one that removes the items from the character. I'm posting here what I currently use, it blocks the entry of the player with the item, I would like one to let the player enter, but unequipped the item. I already created a map_flag zone, but it removes the statuses of the items, but does not remove them from the player. I'll post my npc here, if anyone knows how to arrange it. (please help !! ) If someone has a functional that removes the item, please share if it is not asking too much. I thank you all and I'm sorry for the inconvenience. pvpsala.txt
  3. Introduction Well this idea came up when evilpunker asked about the possibility of having a patch which loads a second file which overrides the iteminfo file. But there is a better way to do that with lua itself. How to do it? The key idea is that the item information is added using the main function by the client. so in your custom file you just need to modify the main function to accept your items. Here is how it can be done. -- Load the original file. As you might have guessed you can also load your translated file here instead -- (just make sure the "tbl" array contains your item info) dofile("System/iteminfo.lub") -- Now as a simple example . I am simply going to change name of Red Potion to Crimson Potion. -- But you can add anything in the same way. Format is same as the original one, just -- the table name is different tbl_custom = { [501] = { unidentifiedDisplayName = "Crimson Potion", unidentifiedResourceName = "»¡°£Æ÷¼Ç", unidentifiedDescriptionName = { "A potion made from", "grinded Red Herbs that", "restores ^000088about 45 HP^000000.", "^ffffff_^000000", "Weight: ^7777777^000000" }, identifiedDisplayName = "Crimson Potion", identifiedResourceName = "»¡°£Æ÷¼Ç", identifiedDescriptionName = { "^000088HP Recovery Item^000000", "A potion made from", "grinded Red Herbs that", "restores ^000088about 45 HP^000000.", "^ffffff_^000000", "Weight: ^7777777^000000" }, slotCount = 0, ClassNum = 0 }, } -- Now for a helper function because i hate repetitions -- It adds items from curTable if it is not present in refTable function itemAdder(curTable, refTable) for ItemID,DESC in pairs(curTable) do if refTable == nil or refTable[ItemID] == nil then result, msg = AddItem(ItemID, DESC.unidentifiedDisplayName, DESC.unidentifiedResourceName, DESC.identifiedDisplayName, DESC.identifiedResourceName, DESC.slotCount, DESC.ClassNum) if not result then return false, msg end for k,v in pairs(DESC.unidentifiedDescriptionName) do result, msg = AddItemUnidentifiedDesc(ItemID, v) if not result then return false, msg end end for k,v in pairs(DESC.identifiedDescriptionName) do result, msg = AddItemIdentifiedDesc(ItemID, v) if not result then return false, msg end end end end return true, "good" end -- And the newly designed main function function main() result, msg = itemAdder(tbl_custom, nil) -- add custom items (including official overrides) if result then result, msg = itemAdder(tbl, tbl_custom) -- add non-overridden official items end return result, msg end How is it useful? Think how item_db2.txt is useful for adding custom items in a server. Its the same strategy here. You can keep your official items in a base file (or you can just use the official iteminfo.lub file if you want the korean names) and keep your custom items in a different file (make sure the first dofile function calls the base file). The above code is error free, so feel free to copy and add your items . Hope the topic was not too confusing The lua code can be further expanded for overriding only parts of an official item. But i will leave that update for the future P.S. The client should be patched to accept your custom file not the base file. Screenshot
  4. VaNz's Paid Service Hi Guys, I'm Diconfrost VaNz. Some of you knows who am i and some of you i've met way back from eAthena. Been working on some servers and helping them for years. Some of them died, and some are still kicking 'til these days. I've been busy on working some of the servers 'til now and also busy for my own server. That means i'm not really that available for big projects. I'm offering paid services that will only cost you a little and it will help me also. It's like we are just helping each other out. Poring Server Setup (good for LR and MR servers) - $5 USD Latest SVN Installation in your VPS Hexing Compatible RagexeRE Client Basic GRF File YourRO Lite Installer Poporing Server Setup (good for LR and MR servers) - $8 USD Latest SVN Installation in your VPS Hexing Compatible RagexeRE Client Basic GRF File YourRO Lite Installer Free Server Side Tweakings Pori Pori Server Setup (good for MR, HR and SHRservers) - $15 USD Latest SVN Installation in your VPS Hexing Compatible RagexeRE Client Basic GRF File YourRO Lite Installer Free Server Side Tweakings Free Client Side Tweakings Free 150+ Custom Items(Sets, Wings, Headgears, Custom Weapons Mixed - Default Attributes) Note: All packages comes up with free control panel installion in their webhosts, forum softwares or other simple requests. Special Note: I have the right to accept or decline those requests. There are few rules that i would like to enforce: I have the right to accept or decline orders as well as the simple requests including cp installation and etc. About payment, we can negotiate about it but i would prefer to pay first before the work starts. The vps or the webhost must already ready. If you'll let me install the svn in your vps, please make sure that it is secured. As of the order comes, please let your files or the info needed are ready. When you contact me, please tell me what is the problem or what to do "specifically". It must direct to the point. Payment Method: There are two ways you can send your payment: Paypal Western Union Contact Details: Yahoo Messenger: [email protected] Skype: diconfrost13 Email: [email protected] Facebook: Or you can contact me here in forums.