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Found 5 results

  1. Does anyone know how to add a custom effect to be used by the specialeffect () command ?
  2. RagEffect Client Plug-In About A client plug-in that replaces client's special effect table (.str) with data from an external database. This release is per request from Ragno on the rAthena boards with the permission to release it publicly. Known issues Currently the file is not loaded from GRF, but from data folder only. The range of clients might be limited, tested with 2012-07-02aRE and 2013-12-23c. For further possible issues see the Simple DLL Loader for RO Clients topic. Download binary, reference source License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported License.
  3. How to create a potion that makes the user with resistance to freezing (or anything else) for a time (1 minute)?
  4. Is there anyway to have a skill special effect stay at a desired amount of time? For example if I want to have a skill with berserk (redbody) special effect, body will go back to normal after the skill is dispelled. Is it possible to do that through src and/or lua edit? Most of the stuff I ask here gets the answer "You have to hex edit" And as far as I know, my hex editing skills are over negative 9000 so hex edit is a no no. Anyway if anyone knows if this is possible please answer right away, I really need it Edit: I've tried doing clif->specialeffect on skill start and then refresh all pc in view when the skill ends, but the warping animation (change to black screen) is just annoying. I have tried to use the OPTs in status.c (opt3_berserk) but it seems like it only stores body state data and does not affect client animation, only the opt1, opt2, and option has effects on the client and sadly it does not include berserk effect.
  5. can someone explain to me why i dont have effect sound when playing RO ? just bgm sound. why this happen ? im using hercules.