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Found 2 results

  1. how to remove the arena 4 room? this is the mvp_arena script //===== Hercules Script ====================================== //= MVP Arena //===== By: ================================================== //= Darkchild //===== Current Version: ===================================== //= 1.4 //===== Description: ========================================= //= Rooms containing 16 different MVPs //===== Additional Comments: ================================= //= 1.0 - First version of script //= 1.1 - Optimised The MVP arena [massdriller] //= 1.2 - NPC in prontera [Silent] //= 1.3 - Removed Duplicates //= 1.4 - Optimized, text edited [Euphy] //============================================================ // Entrance prontera,159,192,4 script MVP Warper 8_M_JPNMASTER,{ mes "[ ^0065DFMVP Warper^000000 ]"; mes "Would you like to enter"; mes "the MVP Arena?"; if (select("Yes!","No thanks.") == 2) close; warp "quiz_00",50,24; close; } // Information quiz_00,49,31,4 script MVP Arena Guide 4_M_TWTEAMAN,{ mes "[ ^0065DFMVP Arena Guide^000000 ]"; mes "Welcome and behold this sacred place. Here you will find out if you truly have what it takes to call yourself a warrior."; next; switch(select("Information","Heal me!","Return to Prontera","Cancel")) { case 1: mes "[ ^0065DFMVP Arena Guide^000000 ]"; mes "There are four Keepers, and each can spawn four different MVPs."; mes "There are eight rooms per Keeper, and sixteen MVPs in total."; close; case 2: specialeffect(EF_HEAL2, AREA, playerattached()); percentheal 100,100; close; case 3: warp "prontera",156,179; close; case 4: close; } } // Keepers function script Keeper { mes "[ ^0065DF"+strnpcinfo(NPC_NAME_VISIBLE)+"^000000 ]"; mes "Which arena would you"; mes "like to enter?"; set [email protected]$,""; for(set [email protected],1; [email protected]<9; set [email protected],[email protected]+1) set [email protected]$, [email protected]$+"Arena "[email protected]+" ["+getmapusers("pvp_n_"[email protected]+"-"+getarg(0))+"/20]:"; set [email protected], select([email protected]$); if (getmapusers("pvp_n_"[email protected]+"-"+getarg(0))>19) { mes "[ ^0065DF"+strnpcinfo(NPC_NAME_VISIBLE)+"^000000 ]"; mes "Sorry, this arena is full!"; close; } warp "pvp_n_"[email protected]+"-"+getarg(0),102,102; close; } quiz_00,56,31,4 script Alpha MVP 4_F_TWGIRL,{ callfunc "Keeper",2; } quiz_00,58,31,4 script Beta MVP 4_F_TWMIDWOMAN,{ callfunc "Keeper",3; } quiz_00,60,31,4 script Theta MVP 4_M_TWBOY,{ callfunc "Keeper",4; } quiz_00,62,31,4 script Epsilon MVP 4_M_TWMIDMAN,{ callfunc "Keeper",5; } // Protectors function script Protector { mes "[ ^0065DFMVP-Protector^000000 ]"; switch(select( ((getarg(0)=="")?"":"Harder Monsters"), "Heal", "Exit")) { case 1: warp getarg(0),102,102; end; case 2: specialeffect(EF_HEAL2, AREA, playerattached()); percentheal 100,100; close; case 3: warp "prontera",156,179; end; } } pvp_n_1-2,100,100,4 script MVP-Protector#01 4_F_JOB_HUNTER,{ callfunc "Protector","pvp_n_2-2"; } pvp_n_2-2,100,100,4 script MVP-Protector#02 4_F_JOB_HUNTER,{ callfunc "Protector","pvp_n_3-2"; } pvp_n_3-2,100,100,4 script MVP-Protector#03 4_F_JOB_HUNTER,{ callfunc "Protector","pvp_n_4-2"; } pvp_n_4-2,100,100,4 script MVP-Protector#04 4_F_JOB_HUNTER,{ callfunc "Protector","pvp_n_5-2"; } pvp_n_5-2,100,100,4 script MVP-Protector#05 4_F_JOB_HUNTER,{ callfunc "Protector","pvp_n_6-2"; } pvp_n_6-2,100,100,4 script MVP-Protector#06 4_F_JOB_HUNTER,{ callfunc "Protector","pvp_n_7-2"; } pvp_n_7-2,100,100,4 script MVP-Protector#07 4_F_JOB_HUNTER,{ callfunc "Protector","pvp_n_8-2"; } pvp_n_8-2,100,100,4 script MVP-Protector#08 4_F_JOB_HUNTER,{ callfunc "Protector",""; } pvp_n_1-3,100,100,4 script MVP-Protector#09 4_F_JOB_HUNTER,{ callfunc "Protector","pvp_n_2-3"; } pvp_n_2-3,100,100,4 script MVP-Protector#10 4_F_JOB_HUNTER,{ callfunc "Protector","pvp_n_3-3"; } pvp_n_3-3,100,100,4 script MVP-Protector#11 4_F_JOB_HUNTER,{ callfunc "Protector","pvp_n_4-3"; } pvp_n_4-3,100,100,4 script MVP-Protector#12 4_F_JOB_HUNTER,{ callfunc "Protector","pvp_n_5-3"; } pvp_n_5-3,100,100,4 script MVP-Protector#13 4_F_JOB_HUNTER,{ callfunc "Protector","pvp_n_6-3"; } pvp_n_6-3,100,100,4 script MVP-Protector#14 4_F_JOB_HUNTER,{ callfunc "Protector","pvp_n_7-3"; } pvp_n_7-3,100,100,4 script MVP-Protector#15 4_F_JOB_HUNTER,{ callfunc "Protector","pvp_n_8-3"; } pvp_n_8-3,100,100,4 script MVP-Protector#16 4_F_JOB_HUNTER,{ callfunc "Protector",""; } pvp_n_1-4,100,100,4 script MVP-Protector#17 4_F_JOB_HUNTER,{ callfunc "Protector","pvp_n_2-4"; } pvp_n_2-4,100,100,4 script MVP-Protector#18 4_F_JOB_HUNTER,{ callfunc "Protector","pvp_n_3-4"; } pvp_n_3-4,100,100,4 script MVP-Protector#19 4_F_JOB_HUNTER,{ callfunc "Protector","pvp_n_4-4"; } pvp_n_4-4,100,100,4 script MVP-Protector#20 4_F_JOB_HUNTER,{ callfunc "Protector","pvp_n_5-4"; } pvp_n_5-4,100,100,4 script MVP-Protector#21 4_F_JOB_HUNTER,{ callfunc "Protector","pvp_n_6-4"; } pvp_n_6-4,100,100,4 script MVP-Protector#22 4_F_JOB_HUNTER,{ callfunc "Protector","pvp_n_7-4"; } pvp_n_7-4,100,100,4 script MVP-Protector#23 4_F_JOB_HUNTER,{ callfunc "Protector","pvp_n_8-4"; } pvp_n_8-4,100,100,4 script MVP-Protector#24 4_F_JOB_HUNTER,{ callfunc "Protector",""; } pvp_n_1-5,100,100,4 script MVP-Protector#25 4_F_JOB_HUNTER,{ callfunc "Protector","pvp_n_2-5"; } pvp_n_2-5,100,100,4 script MVP-Protector#26 4_F_JOB_HUNTER,{ callfunc "Protector","pvp_n_3-5"; } //pvp_n_3-5,100,100,4 script MVP-Protector#27 4_F_JOB_HUNTER,{ callfunc "Protector","pvp_n_4-5"; } //pvp_n_4-5,100,100,4 script MVP-Protector#28 4_F_JOB_HUNTER,{ callfunc "Protector","pvp_n_5-5"; } pvp_n_5-5,100,100,4 script MVP-Protector#29 4_F_JOB_HUNTER,{ callfunc "Protector","pvp_n_6-5"; } pvp_n_6-5,100,100,4 script MVP-Protector#30 4_F_JOB_HUNTER,{ callfunc "Protector","pvp_n_7-5"; } pvp_n_7-5,100,100,4 script MVP-Protector#31 4_F_JOB_HUNTER,{ callfunc "Protector","pvp_n_8-5"; } pvp_n_8-5,100,100,4 script MVP-Protector#32 4_F_JOB_HUNTER,{ callfunc "Protector",""; } // Alpha pvp_n_1-2,0,0,0,0 monster Eddga 1115,3,60000,66000 pvp_n_1-2,0,0,0,0 monster Mistress 1059,1,60000,66000 pvp_n_2-2,0,0,0,0 monster Mistress 1059,3,60000,66000 pvp_n_2-2,0,0,0,0 monster Moonlight 1150,1,60000,66000 pvp_n_3-2,0,0,0,0 monster Mistress 1059,1,60000,66000 pvp_n_3-2,0,0,0,0 monster Moonlight 1150,2,60000,66000 pvp_n_3-2,0,0,0,0 monster Maya 1147,1,60000,66000 pvp_n_4-2,0,0,0,0 monster Eddga 1115,1,60000,66000 pvp_n_4-2,0,0,0,0 monster Mistress 1059,1,60000,66000 pvp_n_4-2,0,0,0,0 monster Moonlight 1150,1,60000,66000 pvp_n_4-2,0,0,0,0 monster Maya 1147,1,60000,66000 pvp_n_5-2,0,0,0,0 monster Eddga 1115,1,60000,66000 pvp_n_5-2,0,0,0,0 monster Mistress 1059,2,60000,66000 pvp_n_5-2,0,0,0,0 monster Moonlight 1150,1,60000,66000 pvp_n_5-2,0,0,0,0 monster Maya 1147,2,60000,66000 pvp_n_6-2,0,0,0,0 monster Eddga 1115,2,60000,66000 pvp_n_6-2,0,0,0,0 monster Mistress 1059,3,60000,66000 pvp_n_6-2,0,0,0,0 monster Moonlight 1150,1,60000,66000 pvp_n_6-2,0,0,0,0 monster Maya 1147,2,60000,66000 pvp_n_7-2,0,0,0,0 monster Eddga 1115,3,60000,66000 pvp_n_7-2,0,0,0,0 monster Mistress 1059,3,60000,66000 pvp_n_7-2,0,0,0,0 monster Moonlight 1150,2,60000,66000 pvp_n_7-2,0,0,0,0 monster Maya 1147,2,60000,66000 pvp_n_8-2,0,0,0,0 monster Eddga 1115,3,60000,66000 pvp_n_8-2,0,0,0,0 monster Mistress 1059,3,60000,66000 pvp_n_8-2,0,0,0,0 monster Moonlight 1150,3,60000,66000 pvp_n_8-2,0,0,0,0 monster Maya 1147,3,60000,66000 // Beta pvp_n_1-3,0,0,0,0 monster Phreeoni 1159,3,60000,66000 pvp_n_1-3,0,0,0,0 monster Turtle General 1312,1,60000,66000 pvp_n_2-3,0,0,0,0 monster Phreeoni 1159,2,60000,66000 pvp_n_2-3,0,0,0,0 monster Turtle General 1312,1,60000,66000 pvp_n_2-3,0,0,0,0 monster Orc Hero 1087,1,60000,66000 pvp_n_3-3,0,0,0,0 monster Phreeoni 1159,1,60000,66000 pvp_n_3-3,0,0,0,0 monster Turtle General 1312,1,60000,66000 pvp_n_3-3,0,0,0,0 monster Orc Hero 1087,1,60000,66000 pvp_n_3-3,0,0,0,0 monster Orc Lord 1190,1,60000,66000 pvp_n_4-3,0,0,0,0 monster Phreeoni 1159,2,60000,66000 pvp_n_4-3,0,0,0,0 monster Turtle General 1312,1,60000,66000 pvp_n_4-3,0,0,0,0 monster Orc Hero 1087,1,60000,66000 pvp_n_4-3,0,0,0,0 monster Orc Lord 1190,1,60000,66000 pvp_n_5-3,0,0,0,0 monster Phreeoni 1159,1,60000,66000 pvp_n_5-3,0,0,0,0 monster Turtle General 1312,2,60000,66000 pvp_n_5-3,0,0,0,0 monster Orc Hero 1087,2,60000,66000 pvp_n_5-3,0,0,0,0 monster Orc Lord 1190,1,60000,66000 pvp_n_6-3,0,0,0,0 monster Phreeoni 1159,2,60000,66000 pvp_n_6-3,0,0,0,0 monster Turtle General 1312,1,60000,66000 pvp_n_6-3,0,0,0,0 monster Orc Hero 1087,2,60000,66000 pvp_n_6-3,0,0,0,0 monster Orc Lord 1190,2,60000,66000 pvp_n_7-3,0,0,0,0 monster Phreeoni 1159,3,60000,66000 pvp_n_7-3,0,0,0,0 monster Turtle General 1312,1,60000,66000 pvp_n_7-3,0,0,0,0 monster Orc Hero 1087,2,60000,66000 pvp_n_7-3,0,0,0,0 monster Orc Lord 1190,3,60000,66000 pvp_n_8-3,0,0,0,0 monster Phreeoni 1159,3,60000,66000 pvp_n_8-3,0,0,0,0 monster Turtle General 1312,3,60000,66000 pvp_n_8-3,0,0,0,0 monster Orc Hero 1087,3,60000,66000 pvp_n_8-3,0,0,0,0 monster Orc Lord 1190,3,60000,66000 // Theta pvp_n_1-4,0,0,0,0 monster Drake 1112,3,60000,66000 pvp_n_1-4,0,0,0,0 monster Osiris 1038,1,60000,66000 pvp_n_2-4,0,0,0,0 monster Drake 1112,2,60000,66000 pvp_n_2-4,0,0,0,0 monster Osiris 1038,1,60000,66000 pvp_n_2-4,0,0,0,0 monster Doppelganger 1046,1,60000,66000 pvp_n_3-4,0,0,0,0 monster Drake 1112,1,60000,66000 pvp_n_3-4,0,0,0,0 monster Osiris 1038,1,60000,66000 pvp_n_3-4,0,0,0,0 monster Doppelganger 1046,1,60000,66000 pvp_n_3-4,0,0,0,0 monster Lord of Death 1373,1,60000,66000 pvp_n_4-4,0,0,0,0 monster Drake 1112,2,60000,66000 pvp_n_4-4,0,0,0,0 monster Osiris 1038,1,60000,66000 pvp_n_4-4,0,0,0,0 monster Doppelganger 1046,2,60000,66000 pvp_n_4-4,0,0,0,0 monster Lord of Death 1373,1,60000,66000 pvp_n_5-4,0,0,0,0 monster Drake 1112,3,60000,66000 pvp_n_5-4,0,0,0,0 monster Osiris 1038,2,60000,66000 pvp_n_5-4,0,0,0,0 monster Doppelganger 1046,2,60000,66000 pvp_n_5-4,0,0,0,0 monster Lord of Death 1373,1,60000,66000 pvp_n_6-4,0,0,0,0 monster Drake 1112,3,60000,66000 pvp_n_6-4,0,0,0,0 monster Osiris 1038,2,60000,66000 pvp_n_6-4,0,0,0,0 monster Doppelganger 1046,2,60000,66000 pvp_n_6-4,0,0,0,0 monster Lord of Death 1373,2,60000,66000 pvp_n_7-4,0,0,0,0 monster Drake 1112,3,60000,66000 pvp_n_7-4,0,0,0,0 monster Osiris 1038,2,60000,66000 pvp_n_7-4,0,0,0,0 monster Doppelganger 1046,3,60000,66000 pvp_n_7-4,0,0,0,0 monster Lord of Death 1373,2,60000,66000 pvp_n_8-4,0,0,0,0 monster Drake 1112,3,60000,66000 pvp_n_8-4,0,0,0,0 monster Osiris 1038,3,60000,66000 pvp_n_8-4,0,0,0,0 monster Doppelganger 1046,3,60000,66000 pvp_n_8-4,0,0,0,0 monster Lord of Death 1373,3,60000,66000 // Epsilon pvp_n_1-5,0,0,0,0 monster Incantation Samurai 1492,3,60000,66000 pvp_n_1-5,0,0,0,0 monster Pharoh 1157,1,60000,66000 pvp_n_2-5,0,0,0,0 monster Incantation Samurai 1492,2,60000,66000 pvp_n_2-5,0,0,0,0 monster Pharoh 1157,1,60000,66000 pvp_n_2-5,0,0,0,0 monster Dark Lord 1272,1,60000,66000 pvp_n_3-5,0,0,0,0 monster Incantation Samurai 1492,1,60000,66000 pvp_n_3-5,0,0,0,0 monster Pharoh 1157,1,60000,66000 pvp_n_3-5,0,0,0,0 monster Dark Lord 1272,1,60000,66000 pvp_n_3-5,0,0,0,0 monster Baphomet 1039,1,60000,66000 //pvp_n_4-5,0,0,0,0 monster Incantation Samurai 1492,3,60000,66000 //pvp_n_4-5,0,0,0,0 monster Pharoh 1157,1,60000,66000 //pvp_n_4-5,0,0,0,0 monster Dark Lord 1272,1,60000,66000 //pvp_n_4-5,0,0,0,0 monster Baphomet 1039,1,60000,66000 pvp_n_5-5,0,0,0,0 monster Incantation Samurai 1492,2,60000,66000 pvp_n_5-5,0,0,0,0 monster Pharoh 1157,2,60000,66000 pvp_n_5-5,0,0,0,0 monster Dark Lord 1272,2,60000,66000 pvp_n_5-5,0,0,0,0 monster Baphomet 1039,1,60000,66000 pvp_n_6-5,0,0,0,0 monster Incantation Samurai 1492,2,60000,66000 pvp_n_6-5,0,0,0,0 monster Pharoh 1157,2,60000,66000 pvp_n_6-5,0,0,0,0 monster Dark Lord 1272,2,60000,66000 pvp_n_6-5,0,0,0,0 monster Baphomet 1039,1,60000,66000 pvp_n_7-5,0,0,0,0 monster Incantation Samurai 1492,2,60000,66000 pvp_n_7-5,0,0,0,0 monster Pharoh 1157,2,60000,66000 pvp_n_7-5,0,0,0,0 monster Dark Lord 1272,2,60000,66000 pvp_n_7-5,0,0,0,0 monster Baphomet 1039,2,60000,66000 pvp_n_8-5,0,0,0,0 monster Incantation Samurai 1492,3,60000,66000 pvp_n_8-5,0,0,0,0 monster Pharoh 1157,2,60000,66000 pvp_n_8-5,0,0,0,0 monster Dark Lord 1272,2,60000,66000 pvp_n_8-5,0,0,0,0 monster Baphomet 1039,2,60000,66000 // Mapflags pvp_n_1-1 mapflag pvp_nightmaredrop off pvp_n_2-1 mapflag pvp_nightmaredrop off pvp_n_3-1 mapflag pvp_nightmaredrop off pvp_n_4-1 mapflag pvp_nightmaredrop off pvp_n_5-1 mapflag pvp_nightmaredrop off pvp_n_6-1 mapflag pvp_nightmaredrop off pvp_n_7-1 mapflag pvp_nightmaredrop off pvp_n_8-1 mapflag pvp_nightmaredrop off pvp_n_1-2 mapflag pvp_nightmaredrop off pvp_n_2-2 mapflag pvp_nightmaredrop off pvp_n_3-2 mapflag pvp_nightmaredrop off pvp_n_4-2 mapflag pvp_nightmaredrop off pvp_n_5-2 mapflag pvp_nightmaredrop off pvp_n_6-2 mapflag pvp_nightmaredrop off pvp_n_7-2 mapflag pvp_nightmaredrop off pvp_n_8-2 mapflag pvp_nightmaredrop off pvp_n_1-3 mapflag pvp_nightmaredrop off pvp_n_2-3 mapflag pvp_nightmaredrop off pvp_n_3-3 mapflag pvp_nightmaredrop off pvp_n_4-3 mapflag pvp_nightmaredrop off pvp_n_5-3 mapflag pvp_nightmaredrop off pvp_n_6-3 mapflag pvp_nightmaredrop off pvp_n_7-3 mapflag pvp_nightmaredrop off pvp_n_8-3 mapflag pvp_nightmaredrop off pvp_n_1-4 mapflag pvp_nightmaredrop off pvp_n_2-4 mapflag pvp_nightmaredrop off pvp_n_3-4 mapflag pvp_nightmaredrop off pvp_n_4-4 mapflag pvp_nightmaredrop off pvp_n_5-4 mapflag pvp_nightmaredrop off pvp_n_6-4 mapflag pvp_nightmaredrop off pvp_n_7-4 mapflag pvp_nightmaredrop off pvp_n_8-4 mapflag pvp_nightmaredrop off pvp_n_1-5 mapflag pvp_nightmaredrop off pvp_n_2-5 mapflag pvp_nightmaredrop off pvp_n_3-5 mapflag pvp_nightmaredrop off //pvp_n_4-5 mapflag pvp_nightmaredrop off pvp_n_5-5 mapflag pvp_nightmaredrop off pvp_n_6-5 mapflag pvp_nightmaredrop off pvp_n_7-5 mapflag pvp_nightmaredrop off pvp_n_8-5 mapflag pvp_nightmaredrop off
  2. Slicer

    Bg Help

    We once again need your help, I am getting an error message in camp, battle detail, the error only occurs on the red team, the blue does not appear the error message, already tried to find the missing file but can not find. follows with the error image.
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