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Found 10 results

  1. Anyone can recommend me where can I host the emulator i use? A budget friendly hosting for testing/starters. Location: Philippines
  2. Trinity Networks offers Easy to manage, enterprise-level, and very affordable DDOS Protected Ragnarok Hosting Solution. We also offer Virtual Private Servers, Domain Transfers and Registrations along with Standard to DDOS Protected Web Hosting, SSL Certificates, Unmanaged Budget to Enterprise Dedicated Servers, Seed Boxes and other services for your Ragnarok Servers. Check out our RO Hosting Offers, and if you have any questions, our support staff are more than happy to help! Just create an account at our website ( ) and open a sales ticket for inquiries. All RO Hosting Servers comes with: * Full ROOT Access * SolusVM Access ( from our solusvm panel or our website itself! ) * Free sub-domain ( / ) * Free Flux/Ceres Install * Free Forum Install (SMF,phpBB,punBB,Vanilla) * Offloaded SQL * Free use of our Trinity Networks RO Panel ~ TRINITY NETWORKS RO PANEL ~ Start, Stop, Restart, Backup, Compile and edit your RO Servers anytime, anywhere! Our easy-to-use panel is accessible on any browser and device so you don't have to worry about server downtime, and if unexpected life events happen and you need to take a few days off, you can add a staff member to the service(and control their level of access) to make sure that the server stays up while you are away! Note: We're currently working on TNRO Panel v1.1 and we're adding more features and updating the GUI so stay tuned! Frequently Asked Questions: You're in the Philippines and you don't have a paypal account? No problem we allow any money transfer service such as Western Union, Cebuana Pera Padala , M. Lhuillier Kwarta Padala or even Gcash Transactions, we also accept local bank deposits! For more info please send your questions thru skype (support_942 | [email protected]<script cf-hash='f9e31' type="text/javascript"> /* */</script>) or by creating an account and opening a sales ticket at Payment Methods:
  3. GoManilaHost.Net established in 2012, Our Ragnarok Hosting servers are protected by our DDoS protection system, developed exclusively for our high-performance network. Our premium managed VPS line uses high-end servers with dual Intel Xeon E5 processors. We use KVM and XEN virtualization and Pure SSD Disks in RAID 10 configuration for maximum performance. Take advantage of our super-fast, high capacity network, which connects your server to the Internet at lightning speeds. Our Intel Xeon dedicated servers include a 1000 Mbps Gigabit Ethernet port standard on every server. Payment Methods: Paypal Unionbank of the Philippines Cebuana Lhuillier LBC Palawan Pawnshop Smart Padala Other Services Offered: Web Hosting - Starting at ₱45.00 pesos monthly Domain Registration - Starting at ₱600.00 pesos yearly Linux VPS Hosting (KVM/SSD) - Starting at ₱375.00 pesos monthly Windows VPS Hosting (XEN/InterNAP) - Starting at ₱1275.00 pesos monthly Still thinking about signing up? Read a few of the below reviews, written by our customers: If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you also want to more about our company history, please click this link about us.
  4. Has anyone used to host their ragnarok servers? how was it?
  5. Buen día a todos, Quería preguntarles cuál servicio de hosting me recomendarían, busco lo siguiente: - Emulador Hércules renewal (con opción a poder modificarlo en un futuro si es necesario, o cambiar a otro emulador [aunque siento que Hércules es mejor]). - Área: Latinoamérica y América del Sur. Lo que he leído en otros lados es que existen servicios que te hacen todo fácil pero a la larga cobran mucho, a diferencia de un servicio en el que debo preparar todo por mi cuenta pero ya tengo algo de experiencia en esto, mas aún así me preocupa estropearlo y perder algo de dinero. Espero su respuesta, de antemano gracias. Apacman.
  6. Promotion is 40% off of all hosting, for all new client and existing Client From 12 Dec 2016 to 2 Jan 2017 Promo code is AB-Holiday40% Will recur for 2 month For The Holiday Season and New Year From our family to yours, we hope this year end with a good note and begin with a better one next year Abaze Servers, LLC established in 2014, All Hosting services have DDoS protection system, and exclusively for our network. we offer (Shared hosting up to VPS Hosting). We don't and will not over sell anyone of our service, if we need to add hard drives, ram, servers, we will. We do offer custom package to meet your needs if you have any, please submit a support ticket to our sales department. [email protected]<script data-cfhash='f9e31' type="text/javascript">/* */</script> With all ragnarok hosting package, we offer a free RO Panel to access via the web. Payment Methods: Paypal All Services We Offer: Licensing - Starting at $2.00 monthly. Shared Hosting - Starting at $5.00 monthly. Reseller Hosting - Starting at $7.50 monthly. VPS Hosing - Starting at $10.00 monthly. Ragnarok Hosting - Starting at $13.00 monthly. We our offering free patch/control panel hosting come by and check it out, and one other benefit, we don't require you to have a server with us. We have a web base ro panel to manage you ro server, it will allow you to (backup, check the status, start/stop/restart servers, compile the servers, edit files) so please check out our ragnarok services. Any questing please fell free to ask or post here, i will gladly answer any question you may have.
  7. Been with them for a few months now. Had around 7 instances of host failure and losing the server for anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours. I'm wondering how this compares to others? There's also this weird thing in which the server takes like 7 attempts to connect the char to login server. ...and this other thing which probably spawns from it, in which certain uses of the disable/enablenpc can crash the map server. So, yeah. Wondering if anybody else has been with vultr, and if so, are you still there? If not, where did you go after?
  8. Loooking for some quick buck? I need a person to design me a sales thread, mail me at: [email protected] For questions before ordering, please contact us here: RagnarokSRV - New hosting provider focusing entirely on Ragnarok. Our goal is to offer affordable hosting solutions for our customers, our datacenters cover wide areas (total of 9 different locations to choose from). All services comes unmanaged at first hand, but on demand we will offer top notch quality support to ensure your time is not wasted. Take part of our exclusive and limited packages before they're out of stock, thank you for your attention. Happy Ragnarok hosting! PROMO 35% off: 2EYNR3HFB0 Accepting payments only via Paypal, Paypal Express as of now. (more will be added on request)
  9. We present to you our Line of Ragnarok Game Servers in Europe and North America. Ragnarok Servers of all types come with a fast response time and Network Level Anti DDOS monitoring and mitigation ------------------------------------------- ✔ Basic (North America) Plans Start at $10: Features: † Intel Xeon E3 1230+ † Upto 2GB RAM † 1 Gbps port speed † 3 GBps Anti-DDoS † No Null Routing on exceeding DDOS limits † Ragnarok OS (Custom Version of CentOS 6.5 Final with all RO tools and apps) † Full root access † Free Subdomain ( † Free Torrent Slots (2) for your Lite and Full Client † Free 200Mb cPanel Account (for hosing your website/flux/patcher etc) † Free Private SVN Server : for storing backups of your server and mysql and for quick upload and management. ------------------------------------------- ✔ Enterprise (North America) Plans Starts at $28: Features: † Intel Xeon E5 3.5GHz+ † Upto 8GB EEC RAM † 1 Gbps port speed † Upto 50 GBps Anti-DDoS † No Null Routing on exceeding DDOS limits † Ragnarok OS (Custom Version of CentOS 6.5 Final with all RO tools and apps) † Full root access † Free Subdomain ( † Free Torrent Slots (2) for your Lite and Full Client † Free 200Mb cPanel Account (for hosing your website/flux/patcher etc) † Free Private SVN Server : for storing backups of your server and mysql and for quick upload and management. ------------------------------------------- ✔ Professional (Europe) Plans Starts at 18$: Features: † Intel Xeon E3 1230+ † Upto 4GB DDR3 RAM † Upto 4096 MB SSD Swap † Upto 10 GBps Anti-DDoS † Free Subdomain ( † Free Torrent Slots (2) for your Lite and Full Client † Free 200Mb cPanel Account (for hosing your website/flux/patcher etc) † Free Private SVN Server : for storing backups of your server and mysql and for quick upload and management. http://gameonhost.c...e-ddos-servers/ ------------------------------------------- Control Panel contains INSTANT SELF Auto-(re)installers for : † MySQL, † PhpMyAdmin, † Hercules/rAthena All Plans include † cPanel SSD Website w Patcher Allowed † Private SVN † Torrent Slots (2) † Sub-Domain ("yourro" ------------------------------------------- Special Features : † Private SVN : A SVN Server to host and backup your Server † Torrent Slots : For High Speed Hosting of your Lite/Full Clients † cPanel SSD Website : For Fast and Responsive Website † Advance ANTI-DDOS : On All Basic and Enterprise Plans † cPanel : w Auto-installers for Wordpress, SMF Forums, Mediawiki etc ------------------------------------------- Multiple Locations : † North America : Optimized for East Asia and North/South America † Europe : Optimized for West Asia and Europe ------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- ✔ Free Control Panel Hosting (FluxCP, CeresCP, etc) at $0.01 USD per Month Features: † Nominal Fee of $0.01 USD for a month † Can be used for hosting your Ragnarok Control Panel ( FluxCP, CeresCP or any other CP as the case may be) † Welcome to use with any RO Server, whether hosted at or not or at any other host or self hosted, etc † DDoS protection powered by Black Lotus † High Speed SSD HDD for fast responsive Website, Control Panel, etc † Auto-Installers for WordPress, SMF Forums, Media-wiki and many other Web Applications etc Link : Order Now ------------------------------------------- Register here and Order now! ✔ ✔ FB PAGE : ✔ Website : ------------------------------------------- Skype: Nick.GameOnhost Contact Mail: [email protected] ------------------------------------------- Ip for Testing : (North America)