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Found 1 result

  1. ---------------------------------------------------------------- NO LONGER AVAILABLE Last edit was in March 2017, and since then I've been on and off due to personal matters. I will also no longer be able to reply on your messages on Skype and will be taking down the Facebook page. Thank you for your support and interest in my services, I don't think I'll be coming back anymore. Thank you very much! ---------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------ ------------------------ Note: Prices change without notice, please check the latest post for any changes I also don't work on weekends. You may not see me online on Skype but when I do have time, I am I only use the accounts mentioned below! Skype: hyvraine11 Facebook Page: Hyvraine Designs (https://www.facebook.com/HyvraineDesigns/ If you're wondering if there are any other services similar to what you're looking for but not included in this list, feel free to ask me! (I do both rA and Herc) Flux Integration ($130 minimum) - I can do the job in 2-4 days unless it is complex. All of the designs are exclusive. I do not resell. More information at the “Flux Design and Integration” section. Flux/Website Design ($60 minimum) - All of the designs are exclusive. I do not resell. More information at the “Flux Design and Integration” section. Splash Page Design & Coding ($30 minimum) - All of the designs are exclusive. I do not resell. Loading Screens ($20) - 4 Loading screens. Thor Patcher (More information at Patcher Skins section) - Unlimited buttons! Yes, any number of buttons you want without additional costs! - $14 for Design - $8 for Basic Coding (simple notice box in HTML, coding the buttons and/or loading bars PROVIDED that these (layers) are already saved as files) - $20 for Design and Basic Coding (Included features: Server Status including Player Count & WoE Status (Provided you are using FluxCP), Announcement Box ) - Additional $5 for each addon: RSS, Image Slider, (You get -$3 if you choose to add more than one addon , so that's $27 for a patcher skin with RSS, Server Status including Player Count, WoE Status and Image Slider) Facebook Cover Photo and Page Display Picture ($10 if you buy this service without Flux Design and Integration, $5 if you do) - You can have this service for $5 if you have already asked for a Flux Design and Integration (past or current clients). It's $10 for clients who are only availing this service. I only accept payments through Paypal. I also have clients who chose not to have their servers publicly listed yet, so if you want yours removed on the list below please send me a PM. These are all the recent ones and those that I can remember ( I sometimes forget to update this part 😞 Audacity Ragnarok Online Nevryne Ragnarok Online Aevir Ragnarok Online (Integration and Patcher Coding) Nova Ragnarok Online (Register Page) Experience Ragnarok Online (Design and Integration) Woon Ragnarok Online (Design and Integration, Patcher Skin) Dreamer Ragnarok Online (Design and Integration) MagRO (Integration) Sanctity RO (Integration) Fable Ragnarok Online (Design and Integration) Chu! Ragnarok Online (Design and Integration) Burning Ragnarok Online (Design and Integration) Raz Ragnarok Online (Fixed some problems with his site) Ecleia Ragnarok Online (Design and Integration) Evolve RO (Finished the integration) Spectrum RO (Design and Integration) Eternal Fantasy RO (Patcher Design and Coding) Aeterna RO (Design and Integration, Patcher Design and Coding) SkyRO (Design and Integration) Everlasting Odyssey RO (Integration) Equinox RO (Design and Integration) Retribution RO (Patcher design and coding) Inertia RO (Design and Integration and Patcher design and coding)
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