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Found 22 results

  1. Is there anyone here who can help me on how to add new custom item? Can you Team viewer me or help me pleasee. I have the sprite of runes of power and i want to add it on my server
  2. Hey guys, so i've been trying to set item drop rate to 100 % but idk why its not working i had to go to Mobdb.conf and edit them to make them a 100% drop rate item my drops.conf also looks completely fine. Please help :)
  3. Hello Is there a way for someone who isn't a total Ragnarok Online Nerd (Myself) To control the episode Server wise and Client wise - Npcs - Monsters - Items - Maps - Commands I suppose all of this should be done manually... Is there a guide or a check-list to aid me in that process? For example, according to this episode Timeline: http://herc.ws/board/topic/3554-ragnarok-episode-timeline/ I want to FREEZE it at : 2007.04.10: Episode 11.3 : Nameless Island Right now I'm using 2013 client and latest Hercules. Seems like a lot of work... Would appreciate all available information! Really....
  4. Im using client 20180307, with translation of https://github.com/Asheraf/Translation I can login and i see almost everything ok except ... i cant see items, any item, i even try with normal knife weird thing i dont have problems with monstersbut when i launch my client i get 3 errors (attached) Can anyone guide me to fix this? Thanks When i doubleclick the eexe i get this 3 errors Then i can login normally but... (bunny is thee null.bmp) if i create a knife... i get with no description, or image, i get the null img
  5. Hello. I want to create a item in my Database, that can be equiped only by Doram Race. But i just don't kwon what do i have to put in "equip_jobs", since my database does not have any Doram Item yet, so i can not just copy it. Does anyone has any clue about that? Thank you a lot
  6. I made an item call a function which have player interaction to choose on a menu but it gets the error npc_scriptcont: failed npc->checknear test. Heres an example of it: Item id of Knife -> 1202 with script on it as: callfunc "getSkill"; and the gist of the function of: function script getSkill { attachrid(getcharid(3)); retryRK: dispbottom "Select a Skill you want."; switch(select("Enchant Blade:Sonic Wave:Death Bound")){ case 1: [email protected] = 1; break; case 2: [email protected] = 2; break; case 3: [email protected] = 3; break; default: goto(retryRK); } close; <More code...> I'm just wondering if there's any fix to this http://herc.ws/board/tracker/issue-3720-failed-npc-checknear-test-on-item-equip-function/ or any work around it. would greatly appreciate it!
  7. I'm trying to make a random reward that keeps the amount in the amount array. I've tried several variations/methods and this is the closest I have gotten: setarray .Prize[1],604,12129,617,12208,12103,12414; setarray .Prize[2],25,5,5,1,1,1; getitem .Prize[rand(getarraysize(.Prize))],.Prize[2]; This actually doesn't work, .Prize[1] in place of the rand command works, only getting the first values in each array, but as soon as I put the rand in there it won't get the .Prize[1] array. It says in map-server: [Error]: buildin_getitem: Nonexistant item 5 requested. [Debug]: Source (NPC): Disguise Event at quiz_02 (303,259) Item 5 being from .Prize[2], it just skips .Prize[1].
  8. Hi guys , thanks for coming i need ur help , i have done editing custom headgear upper and lower with no more error . but when i using that custome , nothing appears in my display what should i do ? see attatch Please Help mee already fixed
  9. Is it possible to disable certain item ids or item slots per map? Example: On the map prt_fild08, I want to disable the weapon Main Gauche [4] (item id 1208) from being equipped. And on the map ama_fild01, I want to disable armor (EQP_ARMOR) from being equipped. Is any of this possible? Thanks.
  10. Please tell me I'm dreaming. Okay, so this is the script for my item. The script has other 'readparam' in it, yet they function properly. Please, can anybody tell me why this one won't? Thanks. if (readparam(bStr) >= 90) { bonus bAtkRate,15; } Edit: In fact, the 'bonus bAtkRate,n;' is not working at all - for any item.
  11. Hi all. I try to link a website in my server. But when clicking on it, only a tiny ro browser will appear. How to make it auto size to 1024x768 or any big size by default when clicking a link ? Below is the screenshot, i need to resize to see the link I click. Help Me. How to resize. Thank you.
  12. Hi, I'm requesting simple script. When user click an item, a selection 2nd job change popup show. For example current job is Lord Knight, when player click, they can choose what job they want, and automatic change into that class.
  13. Hello all, I am in need of a refine which can be configured with a certain item and percentage. Like where you can set the required item id along with the percentage of refining chance it will increase. let say i set magic stone with 20% chance in increase of refining rate. something like that. Please help me out
  14. { Id: 20000 AegisName: "Shadow Armor" Name: "Shadow_Armor" Type: 5 Weight: 10 Loc: 65536 Script: <" "> }, Am i missing something? I'm using 20120418 client. I can't equip the shadow item.
  15. Hello people! As we all know this is the main function Now, My server doesnt 'drop' unidentified items, so there is no means for the unidentifiedDisplayName, unidentifiedResourceName, unidentifiedDescriptionName, variable. Now the question is, What should be the 'code' be for the main_function? is this even possible? Why am I doing this? To save space + for easier addition/editing of items! Thanks in advance for the help! Hercules truly has a great community! -Anjo
  16. Hello all. I tried to add custom item.. but this error appear. how to fix it ? im using 2013 client.. I have follow this instruction.. add your custom .spr and .act hereDatatexture유저인터페이스collectionDatatexture유저인터페이스itemDatasprite아이템Datasprite악세사리남Datasprite악세사리여then add it hereDataluafiles514lua filesdatainfoaccessoryid.lub, accname.lub and accname_eng.lubthen also add it to yourdbitem_db2.txtand finally add it on yourgravitySystemitemInfo.lub but this error happen on my iteminfo.lub then i go check it on notepad on that line. then i found this. What do you think ? i have added my new custom on this line. Once i edit the iteminfo.lub, an error happen to many lines
  17. So I tried modifying my vending skill to use Cashpoints instead of Zeny and coded it like this: vending.c at "vending_purchasereq" /*==========================================* Purchase item(s) from a shop*------------------------------------------*/void vending_purchasereq(struct map_session_data* sd, int aid, unsigned int uid, const uint8* data, int count) { int i, j, cursor, w, new_ = 0, blank, vend_list[MAX_VENDING]; double z; double cashPoints; struct s_vending vend[MAX_VENDING]; // against duplicate packets struct map_session_data* vsd = map->id2sd(aid); nullpo_retv(sd); if( vsd == NULL || !vsd->state.vending || vsd->bl.id == sd->bl.id ) return; // invalid shop if( vsd->vender_id != uid ) { // shop has changed clif->buyvending(sd, 0, 0, 6); // store information was incorrect return; } if( !searchstore->queryremote(sd, aid) && ( sd->bl.m != vsd->bl.m || !check_distance_bl(&sd->bl, &vsd->bl, AREA_SIZE) ) ) return; // shop too far away searchstore->clearremote(sd); if( count < 1 || count > MAX_VENDING || count > vsd->vend_num ) return; // invalid amount of purchased items blank = pc->inventoryblank(sd); //number of free cells in the buyer's inventory // duplicate item in vending to check hacker with multiple packets memcpy(&vend, &vsd->vending, sizeof(vsd->vending)); // copy vending list // some checks z = 0.; // zeny counter w = 0; // weight counter for( i = 0; i < count; i++ ) { short amount = *(uint16*)(data + 4*i + 0); short idx = *(uint16*)(data + 4*i + 2); idx -= 2; if( amount <= 0 ) return; // check of item index in the cart if( idx < 0 || idx >= MAX_CART ) return; ARR_FIND( 0, vsd->vend_num, j, vsd->vending[j].index == idx ); if( j == vsd->vend_num ) return; //picked non-existing item else vend_list[i] = j; z += ((double)vsd->vending[j].value * (double)amount); /*if( z > (double)sd->status.zeny || z < 0. || z > (double)MAX_ZENY ) { clif->buyvending(sd, idx, amount, 1); // you don't have enough zeny return; }*/ cashPoints = pc_readaccountreg(sd,script->add_str("#CASHPOINTS")); if( z > cashPoints || z < 0. || z > (double)MAX_ZENY ) { clif->buyvending(sd, idx, amount, 1); // you don't have enough zeny return; } cashPoints = pc_readaccountreg(vsd,script->add_str("#CASHPOINTS")); if( z + (double)vsd->cashPoints > (double)MAX_ZENY && !battle_config.vending_over_max ) { clif->buyvending(sd, idx, vsd->vending[j].amount, 4); // too much zeny = overflow return; } w += itemdb_weight(vsd->status.cart[idx].nameid) * amount; if( w + sd->weight > sd->max_weight ) { clif->buyvending(sd, idx, amount, 2); // you can not buy, because overweight return; } //Check to see if cart/vend info is in sync. if( vend[j].amount > vsd->status.cart[idx].amount ) vend[j].amount = vsd->status.cart[idx].amount; // if they try to add packets (example: get twice or more 2 apples if marchand has only 3 apples). // here, we check cumulative amounts if( vend[j].amount < amount ) { // send more quantity is not a hack (an other player can have buy items just before) clif->buyvending(sd, idx, vsd->vending[j].amount, 4); // not enough quantity return; } vend[j].amount -= amount; switch( pc->checkadditem(sd, vsd->status.cart[idx].nameid, amount) ) { case ADDITEM_EXIST: break; //We'd add this item to the existing one (in buyers inventory) case ADDITEM_NEW: new_++; if (new_ > blank) return; //Buyer has no space in his inventory break; case ADDITEM_OVERAMOUNT: return; //too many items } } //pc->payzeny(sd, (int)z, LOG_TYPE_VENDING, vsd); pc->paycash(sd, (int)z, 0); /* if( battle_config.vending_tax ) z -= z * (battle_config.vending_tax/10000.); */ //pc->getzeny(vsd, (int)z, LOG_TYPE_VENDING, sd); pc->getcash(vsd, (int)z, 0); for( i = 0; i < count; i++ ) { short amount = *(uint16*)(data + 4*i + 0); short idx = *(uint16*)(data + 4*i + 2); idx -= 2; // vending item pc->additem(sd, &vsd->status.cart[idx], amount, LOG_TYPE_VENDING); vsd->vending[vend_list[i]].amount -= amount; pc->cart_delitem(vsd, idx, amount, 0, LOG_TYPE_VENDING); clif->vendingreport(vsd, idx, amount); //print buyer's name if( battle_config.buyer_name ) { char temp[256]; sprintf(temp, msg_txt(265), sd->status.name); clif_disp_onlyself(vsd,temp,strlen(temp)); } } // compact the vending list for( i = 0, cursor = 0; i < vsd->vend_num; i++ ) { if( vsd->vending[i].amount == 0 ) continue; if( cursor != i ) { // speedup vsd->vending[cursor].index = vsd->vending[i].index; vsd->vending[cursor].amount = vsd->vending[i].amount; vsd->vending[cursor].value = vsd->vending[i].value; } cursor++; } vsd->vend_num = cursor; //Always save BOTH: buyer and customer if( map->save_settings&2 ) { chrif->save(sd,0); chrif->save(vsd,0); } //check for @AUTOTRADE users [durf] if( vsd->state.autotrade ) { //see if there is anything left in the shop ARR_FIND( 0, vsd->vend_num, i, vsd->vending[i].amount > 0 ); if( i == vsd->vend_num ) { //Close Vending (this was automatically done by the client, we have to do it manually for autovenders) [Skotlex] vending->close(vsd); map->quit(vsd); //They have no reason to stay around anymore, do they? } else pc->autotrade_update(vsd,PAUC_REFRESH); }} Everything is working fine, when I buy items it costs Cashpoints and the vendor gets Cashpoints too but the problem is, when You drag and drop items you want to buy it checks the price as Zeny instead of Cashpoints, so if you have 0 zeny when you try to buy something, the message "You do not have enough Zeny" shows at the chat and it wont transfer to the "Buying box". How do I make it so that It checks #CASHPOINTS instead of Zeny when I drag and drop items to the "Buying box".
  18. how to add if you use the valkyrie_box_catch we need 10pcs valkyrie_box_catch if you dont have 10pcs = dispbottom "You don't have "+ getitemname(valkyrie_box_catch 10pcs) +" in your inventory"; like dispbottom "You don't have "+ getitemname(Valkyrie_Armor) +" in your inventory"; if work the valkyrie_box_catch you delitem Valkyrie_box_catch 10pcs. [cbox]/* replace into item_db2 ( id, name_english, name_japanese, type, price_buy, price_sell, weight, equip_upper, script ) values ( 31000, 'Valkyrie_box_catch', 'Valkyrie_box_catch', 11, 1,1,10, 63, 'callfunc "catch_valkyrie_armor";' ), ( 31001, 'Valkyrie_box_open_0', 'Valkyrie_box_open_0', 11, 1,1,10, 63, 'callfunc "get_valkyrie_armor", 31001, 0;' ), ( 31002, 'Valkyrie_box_open_1', 'Valkyrie_box_open_1', 11, 1,1,10, 63, 'callfunc "get_valkyrie_armor", 31002, 1;' ), ( 31003, 'Valkyrie_box_open_2', 'Valkyrie_box_open_2', 11, 1,1,10, 63, 'callfunc "get_valkyrie_armor", 31003, 2;' ), ( 31004, 'Valkyrie_box_open_3', 'Valkyrie_box_open_3', 11, 1,1,10, 63, 'callfunc "get_valkyrie_armor", 31004, 3;' ), ( 31005, 'Valkyrie_box_open_4', 'Valkyrie_box_open_4', 11, 1,1,10, 63, 'callfunc "get_valkyrie_armor", 31005, 4;' ), ( 31006, 'Valkyrie_box_open_5', 'Valkyrie_box_open_5', 11, 1,1,10, 63, 'callfunc "get_valkyrie_armor", 31006, 5;' ), ( 31007, 'Valkyrie_box_open_6', 'Valkyrie_box_open_6', 11, 1,1,10, 63, 'callfunc "get_valkyrie_armor", 31007, 6;' ), ( 31008, 'Valkyrie_box_open_7', 'Valkyrie_box_open_7', 11, 1,1,10, 63, 'callfunc "get_valkyrie_armor", 31008, 7;' ), ( 31009, 'Valkyrie_box_open_8', 'Valkyrie_box_open_8', 11, 1,1,10, 63, 'callfunc "get_valkyrie_armor", 31009, 8;' ), ( 31010, 'Valkyrie_box_open_9', 'Valkyrie_box_open_9', 11, 1,1,10, 63, 'callfunc "get_valkyrie_armor", 31010, 9;' ), ( 31011, 'Valkyrie_box_open_10', 'Valkyrie_box_open_10', 11, 1,1,10, 63, 'callfunc "get_valkyrie_armor", 31011, 10;' ); */ function script catch_valkyrie_armor { getinventorylist; for ( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < @inventorylist_count; [email protected]++ ) { if ( @inventorylist_id[[email protected]] == 2357 ) { delitem2 @inventorylist_id[[email protected]], 1, @inventorylist_identify[[email protected]], @inventorylist_refine[[email protected]], @inventorylist_attribute[[email protected]], @inventorylist_card1[[email protected]], @inventorylist_card2[[email protected]], @inventorylist_card3[[email protected]], @inventorylist_card4[[email protected]]; getitem2 30101 + @inventorylist_refine[[email protected]], 1, 1, 0, 0, @inventorylist_card1[[email protected]], @inventorylist_card2[[email protected]], @inventorylist_card3[[email protected]], @inventorylist_card4[[email protected]]; delitem 30100, 10; end; } } dispbottom "You don't have "+ getitemname(2357) +" in your inventory"; end; } function script get_valkyrie_armor { getitem2 2357, 1, 1, getarg(1), 0, @inventorylist_card1[[email protected]], @inventorylist_card2[[email protected]], @inventorylist_card3[[email protected]], @inventorylist_card4[[email protected]]; } [/cbox]
  19. how to remove item color.
  20. Is there any item script that makes a player who consumes it can have an effect like @autoloot for a given period of time? If it's not possible. An npc script that charges a player for zeny in exchange for an hour of @autoloot effect would be great too. PS: Players can't directly use @autoloot. Thank you!
  21. whats the problem, for( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < .item_id_size; [email protected]++ ){ mes .item_amount[[email protected]]+" x "+getitemname( .item_id[[email protected]] ); if( countitem( .item_id[[email protected]] ) < .item_amount[[email protected]] ) [email protected] = 1; } if( [email protected] ){ mes "Please wait..."; progressbar "FFFFFF",10; for( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < .item_id_size; [email protected]++ ) delitem .item_id[[email protected]],.item_amount[[email protected]]; if( rand( 100 ) < .craft_rate ){ mes "Gained 1 items."; callfunc "valkyrie_armor"; }else{ mes "Failed"; } } close;OnInit: // craft settings .craft_rate = 50; setarray .item_id,30005; setarray .item_amount,10; .item_id_size = getarraysize( .item_id ); end;}function script valkyrie_armor { getinventorylist; for ( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < @inventorylist_count; [email protected]++ ) { if ( @inventorylist_id[[email protected]] == 2357 ) { delitem2 @inventorylist_id[[email protected]], 1, @inventorylist_identify[[email protected]], @inventorylist_refine[[email protected]], @inventorylist_attribute[[email protected]], @inventorylist_card1[[email protected]], @inventorylist_card2[[email protected]], @inventorylist_card3[[email protected]], @inventorylist_card4[[email protected]]; getitem2 30101 + @inventorylist_refine[[email protected]], 1, 1, 0, 0, @inventorylist_card1[[email protected]], @inventorylist_card2[[email protected]], @inventorylist_card3[[email protected]], @inventorylist_card4[[email protected]]; end; } } dispbottom "You don't have "+ getitemname(2357) +" in your inventory"; end;}function script get_valkyrie_armor { getitem2 2357, 1, 1, getarg(1), 0, @inventorylist_card1[[email protected]], @inventorylist_card2[[email protected]], @inventorylist_card3[[email protected]], @inventorylist_card4[[email protected]];}
  22. Hello Hercules Community, I am looking for a script that gives a certain reward to a player with highest online time in a day/week/month. Is there any script like this? Thank you.
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