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Found 1 result

  1. ROChargenPHP Features Core [*]Support for .spr, .act, .pal, .grf, ... [*].act file completed support (transparency, scale, color, rotate, ...) [*]Characters fully implemented ( body, head, hats, weapon, shield, robe, mount) with palettes support. [*]Can modify action, animation and direction. [*]Class to generate : Full Character / Character Head only / Monster-NPC-Homunculus / Avatar / Signature. [*]Cache system available (and can be set off) with configurable time to cache. [*]Emblem Loader available. Client [*]Data.ini file support (to list your GRFs) [*]Support GRF (0x200 version only without DES encryption - repack before uploading) - the data folder is always read first. [*]Auto-Extract files from GRF if needed (optimize performance) [*]Updater script available to convert some lua files to PHP. How to use Really url-friendly: myserver.com/chargen/<controller>/<data> // with url-rewritingmyserver.com/chargen/index.php/<controller>/<data> // without url-rewriting Example for my character called "KeyWorld":myserver.com/chargen/avatar/KeyWorld // avatarmyserver.com/chargen/signature/KeyWorld // signaturemyserver.com/chargen/character/KeyWorld // full Charactermyserver.com/chargen/characterhead/KeyWorld // Character's head You can change the default link by modify the array $routes in the index.php file:// $routes['url'] = controller$routes['/avatar/(.*)'] = 'Avatar';$routes['/character/(.*)'] = 'Character';$routes['/characterhead/(.*)'] = 'CharacterHead';$routes['/monster/(d+)'] = 'Monster';$routes['/signature/(.*)'] = 'Signature'; Custom display At least, the tool is really easy to use, here an example on how to display a static character: $chargen = new CharacterRender(); $chargen->action = CharacterRender::ACTION_READYFIGHT; $chargen->direction = CharacterRender::DIRECTION_SOUTHEAST; $chargen->body_animation = 0; $chargen->doridori = 0; // Custom data: $chargen->sex = "M"; $chargen->class = 4002; $chargen->clothes_color = 0; $chargen->hair = 5; $chargen->hair_color = 12; // ... head_top, head_mid, head_bottom, robe, weapon, shield, ... // Generate Image $img = $chargen->render(); imagepng($img); Examples / Demos Sources Get the source (Thanks to report all bugs) License Instead of selling it, I give a try to "Open Source project with Donation". So if you think, you would have buy it if i was selling it, think to give a donation ? Notes [*]A directory "client" is in the project, it will be a good idea to move it to a directory not accessible by the user (for example /home/client/). [*]If you use generate images from GRFs you have to know it's a little slower, i recommend you in this case to allow the "AutoExtract" option to gain performance. [*]GRFs have to be save as 0x200 version without any encryption (even the official DES), good idea is to remove unused folders ( textures, wav, models).. [*]If you use the options Cache and AutoExtract, don't forget the script need to have a write access to the client and cache folder. [*]Thanks to Khazou for the acces to his server to fully testing the tool
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