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Found 4 results

  1. CarlosHenrq


    Hi guys, I'm here to share with you my new project php-grf, with this guy you can use PHP to read and write grf files. This only supports grf files with version 0x200; This supports read and writing in grf files; This code is based on https://github.com/MagicalTux/grf The code ahead will show you how to extract all files inside grf. <?php require_once 'php-grf/lib/autoload.php'; // Instance a reader/writer for your grf file $grf = new GrfFile('php-grf/tests/test200.grf'); foreach ($grf->getEntries() as $entry) { $dir = dirname($entry->getFilename()); if (is_dir($dir) === false) mkdir ($dir, 0777, true); $file = str_replace('\\', '/', $entry->getFilename()); $buffer = $entry->getUnCompressedBuffer(); $fp = fopen($file, 'wb'); fwrite($fp, $buffer); fflush($fp); fclose($fp); } // Dispose all resources used $grf = null; Enjoy it, has any issue or problem with the lib? Please report it and help to keep it good for you all use. Repo URL: https://github.com/carloshenrq/php-grf Other useful repositories: https://github.com/arminherling/GRF/ (Read-only C#) https://github.com/MagicalTux/grf (Read-Write C)
  2. ROChargenPHP Features Core [*]Support for .spr, .act, .pal, .grf, ... [*].act file completed support (transparency, scale, color, rotate, ...) [*]Characters fully implemented ( body, head, hats, weapon, shield, robe, mount) with palettes support. [*]Can modify action, animation and direction. [*]Class to generate : Full Character / Character Head only / Monster-NPC-Homunculus / Avatar / Signature. [*]Cache system available (and can be set off) with configurable time to cache. [*]Emblem Loader available. Client [*]Data.ini file support (to list your GRFs) [*]Support GRF (0x200 version only without DES encryption - repack before uploading) - the data folder is always read first. [*]Auto-Extract files from GRF if needed (optimize performance) [*]Updater script available to convert some lua files to PHP. How to use Really url-friendly: myserver.com/chargen/<controller>/<data> // with url-rewritingmyserver.com/chargen/index.php/<controller>/<data> // without url-rewriting Example for my character called "KeyWorld":myserver.com/chargen/avatar/KeyWorld // avatarmyserver.com/chargen/signature/KeyWorld // signaturemyserver.com/chargen/character/KeyWorld // full Charactermyserver.com/chargen/characterhead/KeyWorld // Character's head You can change the default link by modify the array $routes in the index.php file:// $routes['url'] = controller$routes['/avatar/(.*)'] = 'Avatar';$routes['/character/(.*)'] = 'Character';$routes['/characterhead/(.*)'] = 'CharacterHead';$routes['/monster/(d+)'] = 'Monster';$routes['/signature/(.*)'] = 'Signature'; Custom display At least, the tool is really easy to use, here an example on how to display a static character: $chargen = new CharacterRender(); $chargen->action = CharacterRender::ACTION_READYFIGHT; $chargen->direction = CharacterRender::DIRECTION_SOUTHEAST; $chargen->body_animation = 0; $chargen->doridori = 0; // Custom data: $chargen->sex = "M"; $chargen->class = 4002; $chargen->clothes_color = 0; $chargen->hair = 5; $chargen->hair_color = 12; // ... head_top, head_mid, head_bottom, robe, weapon, shield, ... // Generate Image $img = $chargen->render(); imagepng($img); Examples / Demos Sources Get the source (Thanks to report all bugs) License Instead of selling it, I give a try to "Open Source project with Donation". So if you think, you would have buy it if i was selling it, think to give a donation ? Notes [*]A directory "client" is in the project, it will be a good idea to move it to a directory not accessible by the user (for example /home/client/). [*]If you use generate images from GRFs you have to know it's a little slower, i recommend you in this case to allow the "AutoExtract" option to gain performance. [*]GRFs have to be save as 0x200 version without any encryption (even the official DES), good idea is to remove unused folders ( textures, wav, models).. [*]If you use the options Cache and AutoExtract, don't forget the script need to have a write access to the client and cache folder. [*]Thanks to Khazou for the acces to his server to fully testing the tool
  3. Hello, It's me again, I've been doing some stuff lately and decided to share this thing A bot captcha Written in PHP It uses a set of 16 pictures I've used PHP's GD library to generate the picture of items to click (grey set of 3 images to the right) So, the challenge, really, is to click three images matching ones in the model. Obviously, images appearing in the model and the order of images to chose from are random. Obviously, chosen images disappear. Once test passed or failed you will be shown the result....
  4. Esse é o meu erro: This is my error: Esse é o minha script: And this is my script: Me ajuda Help me
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