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Found 8 results

  1. NeoonRO Looking for: we full, thanks *must know how to edit client/server sides please leave me a message here. Payments will be discussed in private upon hiring. Thank you!
  2. Current status: AVAILABLE Who da fuq i am: Hello i am Dduwsmitt, i have been a core developer sometimes a scripter on rathena since 2012. i have migrated here on hercules on 2014. What can I do for you?: Name it and i will forge it. EXCEPT "Web Development" (well i know some of it but its only to the point where i can help you fix or find some errors). i can create original contents that you want me to develop just give me an idea of what you want to do. Well to give you some general idea of what i can do: Server Modifications - SRC, Configs, NPC, Database Custom Contents - SRC, Configs, NPC, Database, Custom items, etc. Client Modifications - Hexing, Translation, Other mods, etc. I DONT DO PLUGINS BECAUSE IT WILL BE EASIER FOR MY CLIENTS TO REDISTRIBUTE MY WORK. Contact me: skype: dduwsmitt discord: htrogaming or pm me here on hercules
  3. Philippines Most Trusted Developer Services: NPC Scripting (Min.price $3.00) with sprite (Min.price $5.00) Item Modification (Min.price $2.00) Item Implementation (Min.price $3.00) Adding Custom Maps/Monster (Min.price $5.00) Source Modification (Min.price $5.00) Skill Modification (Min.price $5.00) Skill Implementation (Min.price $10.00) Coding Web Design (Min.price $50.00) Feature/System Implementation (Min.price $50.00) (NOTE: Implements a system/feature you want to add in your server) 3rd Party Application Development (Min.price $100.00) Basic Server Setup Emulator installation in your VPS Website Control Panel Installation (FluxCP Default) Lite Client Installer Thor Patcher Note: Price Change depends on the Period of work and Complexity. Payment Method: Western Union Cebuana Lhuiller Paypal Bitcoin Process: For Non-small job requests, You will have to pay 50% of the price as downpayment, this is to ensure that you're not backing off in the middle of process, and the downpayment will not be refunded when you backout of the job request. I will show you via screenshot or screencast that the job you requested to be done is working fine When you approved that its working fine, There you will send the payment, As soon as i receive the payment, i will send you the files for the job you requested. Contact Info: For faster Communication, Please PM me in Facebook: Benching Profile or Discord: @benching#1791
  4. Hi there! We are hiring & in need of developer due to heavy list of maintenance. Things you need to know about beforehand : • Scripting • Thor Patcher • Client Modifications • FluxCP • RDC & RTO ( Due to remote PhpMyAdmin ) Our developers been working real hard and we need to add more into our team. Currently, we have 3 Developers separately ( 1 Website Dev, 1 In-Game Dev, 1 Outgame-Scripter Dev ) The available position goes to someone who knows everything as a whole. Don't worry, 3 other Developers can help out anytime if you need assistance. As WOE is approaching, everything must be perfect and we're working under deadline. • Will be paid in real money or any preference you want. Please kindly message me here or • Discord: Cactus#0787 • Skype: RandyTobing
  5. LAST MAN STANDING NPC • Register by @joinffa command • 4 players last man standing rumble • Game will be 15mins MAX LIMIT • Announce the winner (last man standing on the arena), if there are still players inside the arena after the time limit, there will be no winner. • Last man standing will be the winner and gets a prize • after the match, npc will reset and announce that it is open for registration again. • when registering using @joinffa npc will wait after there are 4 complete players before warping them to the arena. • 4 players will be warped to the arena all together at the same time. • Npc will announce how many players needed left to register for the FFA. • No warping, no go, no trading, no storage, no party, no Yggdrasilberries/seeds. • When a certain player logs out or gets disconnected, he will be out of the arena. Please PM me your price for this script. Thanks in advance!
  6. Dear Friends, Joy-Ro a new ragnarok low rate renewal server is looking for new staff to start a new journey and friendship. We are in need of a Developer to maintain the server and client side. If you think you can handle this job send me a message Also we are in need of a webdeveloper that can help keep the website up to date and fresh. Are you interested in joining our team send me a message. The Jobs are first Free of Charge later in the project its gonne be a paid service. Kind Regards Henry
  7. Hi everyone, before let you know what I can do, let you know my annoying rules first. * Rules : I have paypal now!! (2013/02/02) * If you like to argue my poor English, you just waste your time. If you can't reply my question then goodbye. If you are mad cause me, please cancel your work, it doesn't deserve that you waste your time on my here. Always remember : You don't need to pay if I didn't done your work. But if I done and you decide not to pay, the truth is I only can say you're ****, nothing more. * I can sell my work to others, but you can't share \ sell \ give my work to others. You can pay higher price to ask me don't sell my work to others. * Price : See how big hard is it. So even it is easy, but if it was too big or too many trivial things then will be expensive. And if you ask me done it faster or short deadline, will need more paid too. (It doesn't mean this will be cheap if I done very fast) Lowest price is $5 USD * My ability : I can modify most of script code you downloaded from the net. I can make most of common idea (NPC, system...) to be truth. I have not bad experience of eA , rA, hercules and 3CeAM. I have done not a few script and code ( Some of List : ) or follow me on facebook ( ) and this is my youtube channel if you want to see some preview. * Finally : If you still interested after read all of above, and decide to hire me, please send message to me ---> [ click ] or just send E-Mail to me , [email protected] *
  8. Hi everyone! We are currently looking for capable developers, scripters, mappers, and spriters who can make some amazing ideas become a reality! The name of the server will remain confidential until further contact. As for information about the server, an in-depth document will be provided once the person who applied will surely be on the team. We are looking for skilled and trustworthy staff members as this project can make a huge impact if we all work well as a team! This will be a large and interesting project, and we aim for this server to be long-term. We got the ideas, servers, etc - but what we need now are developers, scripters, mappers, and spriters who share the same interest of making this server huge and long-lasting. We're serious about this server, and we're serious that it will be an amazing one, bound to attract hundreds of players. Looking for: *Spriters who can make us unique customs to implement - We have some amazing plot lines that require awesome sprites and rewards <3. *Mappers who are interested in making specialized maps and towns for our awesome ideas in store - It's all part of our server theme~ More information can be provided once the applicant is aboard with us. [Good for now!] *Developers who are experienced, professional, and will be willing to build innovative features from the ground up! [Good for now!] *Scripters who are seasoned and are able to produce their own works. Story plots can be provided, or the scripters can share their ideas with the team. Story quests will play a key role on the server! [Good for now!] *We are looking for exclusive staff members!* For those who are interested, please send me a PM with an application and any previous works! Applicants can send a PM to me here or to Yukino on RMS ( I'm very excited for this project, and I would love to have anyone eager and capable to join us <3! We're all friendly folks over here! Thank you all very much for taking the time to read this thread!