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Found 3 results

  1. Status: Unavailable [0/0] Hello, I have been a part of this community for more than two years. I feel my skills have reached a point where I can offer them in a freelance manner. About Me I started scripting in 2016, as my server was in desperate need of developers. Over time, I branched into source. My specialties include editing skills, creating menu-based scripts, atcommands and script commands. Samples Below are some samples I created for the community. I believe they are proof of my ability and hopefully fill you with confidence to hire me. Scripts Function - Ordinal Suffix: Adds the ordinal suffix to a number. E.g. 1 -> 1st, 223 -> 223rd, 1000 -> 1000th, etc. Soul Link NPC: A basic NPC which allows players to pay for Soul Links. Wheel of Fortune: While not an original script idea of mine, the final version was revised and edited by me. Script Commands BUILDIN(getalliance): A script command which returns the Alliance and Opposition Guild IDs of the inputted Guild ID. Skill/Status Edits TF_BACKSLIDING: A plugin which re-enables Back Sliding's animation, the way it was in eAthena. Magic Rod Behavior: A pull request I made which allows you to configure Magic Rod to use its old eAthena behavior. SG_PARRYING_LOV: A plugin which gives a Star Gladiator the 'Lord of Vermilion' and 'Parrying' skills while Soul Linked. Services My specialties, the things you should absolutely hire me for: Atcommands. Script commands. Anything script related. Skill modification. Scripting: I consider myself proficient with the script engine. Pitch your idea to me, I'll make it work. Source Edits: When it comes to source edits, you should specify if you want it in plugin or diff/instruction form. In the case you want a plugin, I will investigate if it is feasible for the source to be in plugin format. Depending on my schedule (I am a University student) and the difficulty of the job, completion can take anywhere from 2-3 days to up to a week. When I agree to take on your job, I will usually inform you how long I believe it will take. I will only take on 2 jobs at any one time. Prices All prices start at $5, with the exception of scripts, which start at $3. Payment is only available through PayPal. No other methods will be accepted. Continued support after the completion of your job is free. Contact You can contact me via PM here on the Hercules forums or on Discord. I go by the same name 'Myriad' on the Hercules Discord. → I check these forums every 2-3 days. I have email alerts setup for my PMs, so if you message me here, I should get back to you in a day or two at the most. → I usually log into my Discord once or twice a day. It may take 24-48 hours to get a response from me, but in most cases it should be within 12 hours.
  2. Hi everyone, i am offering help in creating additional content for your servers. See below what that means in detail. What i offer: Basic Server / Client setup (10€) Scripting (Starts at 5€) Adding Custom Items / Maps / Mobs (1€ per Object) Adding / Changing Skills (Starts at 5€) Plugin / Tool development (Starts at 5€) Webcoding (Starts at 5€) MySQL (Starts at 5€) What you get extra: Quick response times Free bug fixes and Support (Doesn't cover changes to a working project i made for you.) Quality Work How to contact me: PM Writing in this Topic Ways to pay me: PayPal. Most of my prices start at 5€ and rise with complexity and work hours. After we worked out the project related specifics i will tell you my price according to the pricelist and complexity of the project. If the price is 50€ or more you need to pay 50% beforehand and the rest as you normally would. If for some reason you discontinue our agreement, i will hand you the current state of the project and keep the prepayment. If i discontinue our agreement, i will refund you the whole price you paid beforehand and hand you the current state of the project. I don't do this to scam you, but to protect myself from working on a big project and get dumped in between with a lot of work done but nothing earned. I hope you can understand that. If you agree to pay my price, i will develop the project according to the specifications we discussed earlier. Once the project is finished you can test the final result on my server. If you like the results you can pay me and i will hand over the finished project after receiving the payment. If you are interested you can contact me by PM here or writing me in this topic.
  3. I’ve been involved in Ragnarok Online for a quite a while. I’ve gained experience in the scripting and making various customizations script. [/size] I'm Semi-Available for Script Requests during Weekend ... Information : I am willing to offer my complete services to paying customers. I have no restrictions on the extent of services, however my services do fall under the following categories only: Any NPC Scripts NPC Quests / Exchanger Utilities NPC Custom Event Custom Battleground Custom Instance ( Hercules ) etc Different projects will require different specifications. When requesting a custom service, it’s recommended that those interested should provide a fully detailed explanation of the project. The length of time it will take to complete a service is dependant on the complexity of the project and the response time to queries. However, I can focus a lot of my time on working on the services so most the projects should be completed within a matter of days. Work Samples :[/size] Sample of my works can also found within this forum. Example : All Paid & Free Scripts && E-Script Collection && Youtube Channel Pricing : The prices of the projects requested depend entirely upon the size of the project and the complexity. For a basic outline of potential prices (used as a starting base) see the below list: Basic NPCs ( Free ~ $3.00+ ) SQL related NPC ( $3.00 ~ $8.00+ ) Custom Battleground ( $8.00 ~ $15.00+ ) Custom Instance ( $8.00 ~ $20.00+ ) etc, * You may as well offer me a price that you can afford with. As mentioned, the prices are completely variant as different projects will have different requirements. For the time being, I only accept PayPal payments and Local Bank Transfer. Primarily because my account has a premier business status which means I’m a trusted PayPal user, and my funds are protected. Extra: Support and help for the service I provided for as long as is deemed necessary. No payment requirement up-front (before work is started), however payment is required after transfer of the files/modifications. Both .diff/.patch files and full source/script files where applicable for merging GIT and for directly pasting edits. Agreement : By contacting me for a services, you’re agreeing to accept the following terms and conditions. I do not give refunds without valid reasons! But, I might offer free services as return. If any NPCs doesn’t work for any reason. I will provide full free support for that NPCs. The resale or sharing of my works are not permitted under any circumstance without my permission. Prices are negotiable unless stated otherwise. I may not work on any other request from you, if you haven't or failed to clear all the payment for previous works. All terms and conditions may be subject to change. I reserved all right for my works which include resell, republish and etc. Contact : Facebook : Emistry Haoyan / Emistry Helpdesk Email : [email protected] Forum : rAthena / Hercules / OkayRO Skype : emistry_haoyan If you would like a consultation about the above service, please PM me regarding that as well. Thank you in advance. ♥
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