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Found 30 results

  1. Good night, could someone help me? I am not able to use the leaf of yggdrasil item, and the high priest resurrection skill also cannot. Item_db.txt skill_db.txt
  2. Hello everybody! I need help making sure that when the player activates the "magnum break" ability, the same effect as the teacher's "flame launcher" ability appears on the side of the screen, and obviously that he charms the weapon with fire. Could someone help me, please?
  3. Hi guys, Can someone good with scripting help me with this idea? I want teleport skill (AL_WARP) to make a waitingroom (chat) or if not possible just one normal Message on top of the portal... with destination map (memo).... is this possible to make? if not possible, is possible to make Player create chatroom with destination map or send message, after use skill? Bcuz in my server everyone have teleport/portal, there is no warp command or itens, my hexed is 2014-03-05 Hope you guys can help me ! Thank you !!!
  4. Good day everyone! newbie here! Does anyone remember or know the Auto Attack System skill of the High Priest job? Where he summons 3 Lord Knight Seyrens if so, do you have any links for this? Thank you!
  5. I have problem in rebellion class on my Ro server , the skills are giving miss or only appears the sprite of the skill without damage and without miss. You guys know what this problem is and how to solve it? Thx Black Hat
  6. File Name: Extended Vending System v1.8.1 File Submitter: dastgirpojee File Submitted: 16 May 2013 File Category: Source Modifications Original topic and code here: http://ea-support.ru/index.php?/topic/525-vending-za-ljuboi-lut/page__p__5382"]link[/url] Idea: http://www.eathena.ws/board/index.php?showtopic=274111"]link[/url] rAthena: http://rathena.org/board/topic/60817-extended-vending-system-18/"]link[/url] You can enable or disable the cash / item in file db/item_vending.txt Vending title can be looks like: "[ITEM_ID] name" Modify your client data files: idnum2itemdisplaynametable.txt idnum2itemresnametable.txt Enjoy. New: v1.8.1: 08 April 2013: 03 May 2013: 15 May 2013: Created by Lilith, Modified by Dastgir Click here to download this file
  7. Criei um item que dá uma classe custom com todas as skills do jogo ( não coloquei allskill e nem criei uma nova skill tree , mas sim , coloquei skill uma por uma no script hehe), como essa classe é vip , eu queria colocar ela sem restrição de skill use como no permissions skill_unconditional: true, mas queria apenas para o char que estivesse usando o item e não para a acc toda. Tentei até o: Nouse: { skill_unconditional: true } Alguém saberia como fazer isso? Agradeço... hahaha xD
  8. I configured the whole server with high damage, but when I put it online with a Hoster, the damage was normal (low damage) skill and hit damage. Does anyone know how to solve it? Configurei o server todo com dano alto de skill e de hit mas quando passei para a host e liguei o servidor online o dano ficou baixo novamente, alguém sabe com resolver? thx
  9. I have a clif->message I want to display in chat when a character begins casting a certain skill: clif->message(sd->fd, "Starting now!"); I want this to occur before the user starts casting the skill. I.e. order: 1. Player uses skill. 2. Player receives message in chat "Starting now!". 3. Player begins casting skill.
  10. Sup Herc PPL, I know it's a delicated topic and usually not given much attention due to the fact that it is custom stuff development but.... ;o So, i'm messing arround with custom skill and the client power to handle them and found out that from skill id 3036 foward, it does handle it pretty well, so i changed the index formula to. //[Ind/Hercules] GO GO GO LESS! - http://herc.ws/board/topic/512-skill-id-processing-overhaul/ else if( skill_id > 1019 && skill_id < 8001 ) { if( skill_id < 2058 ) // 1020 - 2000 are empty skill_id = 1020 + skill_id - 2001; else if( skill_id < 2549 ) // 2058 - 2200 are empty - 1020+57 skill_id = (1077) + skill_id - 2201; //else if ( skill_id < 3036 ) // 2549 - 3000 are empty - 1020+57+348 else if ( skill_id < 3436 ) // 2549 - 3000 are empty - 1020+57+348 skill_id = (1425) + skill_id - 3001; else if ( skill_id < 5044 ) // 3436 - 5000 are empty - 1020+57+348+435 //skill_id = (1460) + skill_id - 5001; skill_id = (1860) + skill_id - 5001; else ShowWarning("skill_get_index: skill id '%d' is not being handled!\n",skill_id); }So in the end i would have 400 skill ids to play with... It did work on last year's revision, but not in this year's. Look's like only changing //#define MAX_SKILL 1510 #define MAX_SKILL 1910 Is printing out "[Error]: chrif_authok: Data size mismatch!" Any thoughts on what could be the problem here? This may also create an option for people trying to create custom skills and are not happy on being locked to skills id gaps all arround. x_X ;]
  11. Olá. Gostaria de saber se é possível clonar as habilidades de transclasses que tiveram alteração com a chegada da renovação, e aplicar a mecânica pré renovação em um servidor renewa? Exemplo: Storm Gust e Lord of Vermilion de Bruxo alcançavem IC (instant cast) com 150 de DEX antes da renovação. Caso eu clonasse as skills, daria para aplicar a fórmula pré renewal citada acima? Se sim, como eu faria isso? adicionaria uma skill normalmente, como se fosse uma custom skill? E depois daria ela ao jogador através de um NPC? Pensei em seguir este tutorial: http://herc.ws/wiki/Adding_new_skills Há outro meio mais fácil para clonar skill?
  12. You can enable or disable the cash / item in file db/item_vending.txt 5.PNG Vending title can be looks like: "[ITEM_ID] name" 2.PNG Version 1.8 preview: 3.PNG db/item_vending.txt Modify your client data files: idnum2itemdisplaynametable.txt idnum2itemresnametable.txt Ragexe 2013 ( haven't tested it with Ragexe 2012 ) System/Iteminfo.lub or System/Iteminfo.lua Update: item_db2.txt should be: Creator: Lilith Modified by: dastgir and quesoph *Warning: It will not work with auto trade persistency. Hercules Rev 14041. Extended Vending System Hercules Rev 14041.patch Hercules Rev 14395. Extended Vending System Hercules Rev 14395.patch
  13. I`ve been testing my server and all 4 sorcerer elementals can`t land any atacks and sometimes land weak skills. I tried to edit the elemental.txt to give hit and atack but nothing happened, but i changed the name to verify if its working and it`s working perfectly. Tried to add hit and atack on the source elemental.c and .h, compiled, but theres the same problem. Anyone knows the problem?
  14. Source inserting shop info into database. Few source lines and a little bit of magic php + js Decorated with new Twitter Bootstrap Remake of this http://www.eathena.ws/board/index.php?showtopic=255406 /oops Installation Screenshots Main page Map position tooltip For map showing need *.gat files Approximate position, accurate display at map could not to achieve And Search Item images very old, you need to add the new items FluxCP Screens Demo FluxCP Demo Sources My src versions: Hercules SRC Patch + web Standalone or FluxCP Yommy src versions: Standalone or FluxCP [NEW 04.20.14] Hercules src version: FluxCP Sources is absolutely free, but if you want you can do donation
  15. I tried to create a skill which mimics an effect like bragi where the wierd symbols/letters follow the character as they walk, and who ever enters the area gets damaged. I know I setup everything correctly but I encountered a problem, while the skill area that damages everyone who enters follow my character, the visual effect stays on the ground where I first casted it as shown in this vid. And also the skill does not seem to end at the set amount of time limit either, here are the important skill information: skill_db.txt 1026,0,6,4,-1,0x41,0,1,1,no,0,0,0,weapon,0, CS_GRUESOME_ZONE,Gruesome Zone skill_cast_db.txt //-- CS_GRUESOME_ZONE1026,0,3000,3000,10000,0,0,0 skill_unit_db.txt 1026,0xa3, , -1, 0, 500,enemy, 0x000 //CS_GRUESOME_ZONE map.c at map_moveblock if (sc->data[SC_GRUESOME_ZONE]){ skill->unit_move_unit_group(skill->id2group(sc->data[SC_GRUESOME_ZONE]->val4), bl->m, x1-x0, y1-y0); }
  16. Hello guys. I'm trying to make a skill shot, that is ... a skill it is possible to enemy dodge. And I see that the Ragnarok most skills are Point click, It makes things a little without thanks. So if anyone knows and want to share information about. I want to make skill where the player can launch the area. And also a check of collision, for the ability to stop at first that she hit. Enemy or monster. ANOTHER DOUBT: be possible a skill hit something the map? Launch the skill and she hit a wall, a mountain, or some object ??? Well that's it .. Complicated not? thanks ^^
  17. Hello people, I want to edit the skill Fire Pillar - (WZ_FIREPILLAR). The problem with this skill is that it does not work when you have a monster on the chosen area You have to use it in an area with no monster. As removing this condition ????? (bad condition) I've tried several things, reading skill.c, but have not figured out yet, anyone have any idea? thanks
  18. So I was messing around earlier and I noticed something strange. Normally when I change direction (on old eAthena emulator), I can immediately high jump in that direction (assuming instant cast). But upon changing direction, there is a little delay I have to wait before I can jump in the new direction. If I use the skill before this little delay, the server still thinks I'm facing my old direction. It will jump in my old direction, despite me facing a new direction. Example (try picture in your head): My character is facing North. I click Northwest and quickly use instant-cast high jump. Character high jumps North (instead of Northwest), despite the fact character is facing NW. Jump completes, character still facing NW, if High Jump is used again it will jump North, despite still facing NW. Anybody else experienced this? I don't remember it being like this on old eathena. I'll try to upload a video later.
  19. I tried to spam desperado while I'm surrounded by enemies, but it barely hits. I casted 10 times, it only hit once. Any thoughts?
  20. File Name: Forcibly Strip File Submitter: goddameit File Submitted: 23 Jul 2013 File Category: Source Modifications Info : http://goo.gl/RXACXL Preview : -------------------------------------------------------------------- Click here to download this file
  21. Is there anyway to have a skill special effect stay at a desired amount of time? For example if I want to have a skill with berserk (redbody) special effect, body will go back to normal after the skill is dispelled. Is it possible to do that through src and/or lua edit? Most of the stuff I ask here gets the answer "You have to hex edit" And as far as I know, my hex editing skills are over negative 9000 so hex edit is a no no. Anyway if anyone knows if this is possible please answer right away, I really need it Edit: I've tried doing clif->specialeffect on skill start and then refresh all pc in view when the skill ends, but the warping animation (change to black screen) is just annoying. I have tried to use the OPTs in status.c (opt3_berserk) but it seems like it only stores body state data and does not affect client animation, only the opt1, opt2, and option has effects on the client and sadly it does not include berserk effect.
  22. I have just tested this and I was wondering if this is a bug or something. I had a character with infinite endure while sitting, normal attacks and single hit skills doesn't make it stand, but multi-hit skills like Double Strafe, Double Attack,Sonic Blow causes the player to stand. I already tried modifying pc_damage in pc.c where it says: if( pc_issit(sd) ) { pc->setstand(sd); skill->sit(sd,0); } to: if( pc_issit(sd) && !sc->data[SC_ENDURE_I]) { pc->setstand(sd); skill->sit(sd,0); } And just in case you're wondering how did I access sc->data in pc_damage I just simply added this: struct status_change *sc;sc = status->get_sc(src); Anyway that is my problem, can anyone please tell me how to fix this? I want the character to keep sitting even if hit by a multi-hit skill.
  23. Hi there.. I just want to adjust the Skill Storm Gust "Stay Duration: 4.6 sec" to be the same with its "Effect Duration: 12 sec". It's just bumping in a storm gust effect duration not seeing it is somewhat uneven. Storm Gust (Skill ID# 89) Stay Duration 4.6 sec //Effect Duration 12 sec Hoping that you help me please... Thank you and thanks for checking out this topic!
  24. So I've been working on a couple of passive skills, all were fine except for this one. I'm not gonna post all the codes in diff files because there are just too many, but here is the part I am mostly having a problem on. I need to have this skill add 1% Base MATK (the first number that shows in the stat window under MATK) every skill level heres what I have in Status.c // ----- MATK CALCULATION -----if((skill_lv=pc->checkskill(sd,CS_MATK_MASTERY))>0){ bstatus->matk_min += (int)status->base_matk(bstatus,sd->status.base_level)*skill_lv/100; if(bstatus->matk_min > bstatus->matk_max) bstatus->matk_max = bstatus->matk_min;} if you are wondering the part is just to get the characters current base_matk which works perfectly fine as I have tried it. The part I am so confuzzled about is changing "bstatus->matk_min" or "bstatus->matk_max" does not change the character's current matk stat. But "bstatus->batk" and all other "bstatus->etc." works except for matk_min and matk_max. So my question is which is the right "bstatus" or any other code thingamajigie to change to be able to modify my character's current matk which shows at the stat window?
  25. Hello there.. I find that RO has implement too many Skills but some of it is getting less it's importance in game. so I just want to make some boost of some skills. one of it is how do I widen the Skill Fire Wall? Let say from default 3 x 2 Cells to 6 x 2 Cells? I've read the wiki for quite some time now regarding Skills modifications.. and I believe its in Skill.c but I don't want to risk. Hoping for your assistance.
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