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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, I'd like to know if is there a way to make deal damage (any positive value) as a condition to use Comfort and Warm of the Sun/Moon/Stars skills instead of being in a certain map memorized bye Feeling skill. Plus, I'd like it to make damage dealing flag reset after warping or being sucessfully dispelled. Could anyone help me?
  2. Hello everyone, my apologies if im posting in the wrong section. I can't seem to find Warg Strike's (Currently Wug Strike) location to change it, I want to increase it's after cast delay. As in, it's cooldown, from one to possibly three or four. The problem is, I cannot find it in skill_cast_db. Can anyone help? I managed to change it's damage, though.
  3. hello please if i want to change a skill dammage what i have to do ?
  4. tried to check this wiki: http://herc.ws/wiki/Adding_new_skills#Finishing_up on the last part that says finishing up,, it says need to add up sprites for the skills and BMP files,, my question now is,, where to locate it from GRF files,, what i want to do is to be able to use the Elemental Skills,, and some NPC skills,,but when i tried to add them to the skilltrees of jobs getting an error because there's no desc and icons(I think**) on the skills,, *** the reason why I said I think is because I did these to Rune Knight Skills, (like Crush Strike, Storm Blast),, added them as skills itself to the RK job,, the skills does not have descriptions,, but the skills are working perfectly fine,,
  5. As Topic says,, what i tried to do: tried to make this job tier: Nov>>Thief(1st job)>>Ninja(2nd job) >> Kage/Obo(3rd Class) what I did for the Thief>> Ninja: (All of these are found in luafiles/skillinfoz/jobinheritlist) Results: which is succesful,, what i did next is for: Thief>> NinJA>> Kage/Obo But did not get the result I want: as you can see the skills of Kage/Obo Overlapped with the Ninja Skills,, wew,, I also tried to do this: but the result is this: skills of Kage/obo are under "Misc" skills instead of "3rd Job Skills" So I would want to know if there's a way,, Pleeeeeeeeeease,, Any way to set these skills or at least the location on the GRF to set them to 3rd job skills,,
  6. I don't know if the search button is not working on my end,, i already tried to search "skills", "skill tree", "custom skills" but not able to get the answer i want,, sorry for the noob question,, but here's what i want to happen: I want trans jobs be = with 3rd jobs,, want to redistribute the skills from the 3rd jobs to the trans jobs,, since the bonuses from trans~3rd jobs and trans jobs are only the same,, i just want ALL the Job Sprites be used,, and have them be on equal terms example: want to remove the "summon [elemental] ball" and "tetra vortex" from warlocks and add them to high wizards,, or "spell fist" and"striking" from sorcerers and add them to "professors"[where i also want to interchange the name of "professor" and "sage",,, i already tried to change the skills positioning on the skill tree.cof but in the client its not working,, please help,, thanks in advance
  7. Ainda estou de ''Transferencia'' para o emulador do Hercules só esperando um membro me disponibilizar(já conversado) Mas ate lá quero monstrar meu problema: Estive alterando skill tree de algumas classes, mas não venho tendo sucesso. Eu primeiro fui na skill_tree.conf e coloquei por exemplo a skill terremoto na classe ''Mago" E depois fui nos arquivos lua e mexi no skilltreeview, colocando a skill desejada: Fecho e salvo carrego o emulador e ligo o servidor, quando vou procurar as skills ela fica na aba de ''Variados'' não fazendo parte diretamente da skill tree do mago, ficando inutilizada e não podendo ser aumentada pelos pontos de job(somente sendo obtida por @allskills) (Obs: Já tentei com varias skills e da a mesma coisa, ate mesmo skills que não sejam do tipo ''NPC") Outro problema e que tento retirar alguma skill ou algo parecido ela continua aparecendo na aba de skills. __ E para mudar o nome do job da classe eu vou em msgstringtable modifico os nomes, mas continua o inicial. ___ Se caso for preciso uma versão anterior(mas se possivel renewel) ou algo parecido não existe problemas em ser alterado. Grato.
  8. ~ I did not really know if i should post this here or the Database section, But i assumed that fixing the skills require some src edits that are far beyond my knowledge. If anyone can help me out with any of these, Its really much appreciated <3 Job Skills Homunculus Skills
  9. Ola pessoal gostaria de saber se as skills de terceira classe funcionam no hercules mesmo com o servidor estando em pré renovação pois irei colocar uns custons mobs e queria que eles soltassem determinadas skills de terceira classe
  10. Olá amigos, tudo bem? Sou novo no Hercules, pretendo evoluir cada vez mais por aqui... Tenho algumas duvidas, vocês podem me ajudar? Eu gostaria de saber como estão as formulas das SKILLS das classes 3.. Estao todas conforme o kRO/iRO? Gostaria de saber tbm, sobre os scripts dos npcs..Scripts do rAthena funcionam no Hercules?? Ou existe algum tipo de conversão? Desde já, sou grato.
  11. i have a character whitesmith i tried to level up it til job 70 but i cant put the full adrenaline rush skill? is that normal? at which job full adrenaline will show or can use? please help me on this. btw thanks for replying or reading my post.
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