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Found 2 results

  1. Hello guys, I need help with a script, would be a survival system, to open more customization in ragnarok, I would like to remind you that I am Brazilian, so the script exists sets in Portuguese, but bullshit like "hunger, thirst, sleep , weapon and armor durability " Script Survival this is a npc I used to create a system, if hungry, thirsty, sleep is at 0 he would take the player to prison, the problem is that he even takes my character to prison, but I don't know how I can make the player start with 80's hunger, thirst, sleep, and he ends up being taken to prison after the programming detects that he is at 0, and even in the menu npc I created when using the @menu all status command is at 0. .. below is the menu script Script Menu - Can anyone help me assign 80 hunger, thirst, sleep to the player creating the character?
  2. CDER

    Function Survival

    Hi guys, I have a very big and expansive project. First of all I'm Brazilian the script was not 100% translated, interpreted dubarma as "durabilityweapon" and dubarmor as "durabilityarmor" 1-Doubts: I do not know all the doc commands yet, so this is not quite complete function. 2-Npcs function: I added npcs to the outside of the function, and I used the "callfunc" command in the npc to call the function, these npcs would be bed, durability repairer, and in the future would initiate the same "callfunc" 1 hunger, thirst. 3-Error !!! When creating my menu npc, to view the statuses, only everything appears in 0, as if the function had not responded. 4- Menu command I used bindatcmd to when using the @ menu command, I would view your information. And I used the * menu, and even created a labbel for him. scriptlabbel: menu1: [email protected] $; mes "[Hunger]:"[email protected]; month "[Headquarters]:"[email protected]; mes "[Sleep]:"[email protected]; month "[DubArma]:"[email protected]; mes "[DubArmor]:"[email protected]; close; end; 5- function script function script Sobrevivencia { getcharid(0); if (getcharid(0)){ [email protected] = 100; [email protected] = 100; [email protected] = 100; [email protected] = 100; [email protected] = 100; setd("[email protected]", 100); setd("[email protected]", 100); setd("[email protected]", 100); setd("[email protected]", 100); setd("[email protected]", 100); getd("[email protected]"); getd("[email protected]"); getd("[email protected]"); getd(".dubarma"); getd("[email protected]"); end; } else{ if ([email protected] <= 1){ delchar([email protected], 0); end; } } if ([email protected] <= 1){ delchar([email protected], 0); end; } if ([email protected] <= 1){ delchar([email protected], 0); end; } if ([email protected] <= 31){ sleep(30000); sleep2(30000); end; } if ([email protected] <= 1){ @breakweapon; end; } if ([email protected] <= 1){ @breakarmor; end; } attachnpctimer("strcharinfo(0)") initnpctimer(strcharinfo(0)); OnTimer1080000: [email protected] = -1; [email protected] = -1; [email protected] = -4; end; }