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  1. Version v5 @r99


    StarGames Control Panel is a Control Panel used for Private Ragnarok Online Servers. It's integrated with it's very own Community Board System, Self Locking System, Server Status, and a Bug Report / Contact System. Before installing Stargames Control Panel on your webhost, you need to make sure your webhost provider offers you: * PHP 5.2 * PDO and PDO-MYSQL extensions for PHP5 (including PHP_MYSQL support) * MySQL 5 * GD2 (for guild emblems and registration CAPTCHA) * Tidy (for cleaner HTML output) * Optional: mod_rewrite support for UseCleanUrls feature You can view this demo by going to this link: http://sgcp.hostei.com/index.php?act=idx
  2. File Name: StarGames Control Panel for Hercules 3rd Job File Submitter: OnNplay File Submitted: 30 Jul 2013 File Category: Web Resources StarGames Control Panel is a Control Panel used for Private Ragnarok Online Servers. It's integrated with it's very own Community Board System, Self Locking System, Server Status, and a Bug Report / Contact System. Before installing Stargames Control Panel on your webhost, you need to make sure your webhost provider offers you: * PHP 5.2 * PDO and PDO-MYSQL extensions for PHP5 (including PHP_MYSQL support) * MySQL 5 * GD2 (for guild emblems and registration CAPTCHA) * Tidy (for cleaner HTML output) * Optional: mod_rewrite support for UseCleanUrls feature You can view this demo by going to this link: http://sgcp.hostei.com/index.php?act=idx Click here to download this file
  3. Hello everyone, Before I'm explaining about ZenkaiCP I like to Introduce my self My name is Sinji, I am a professional Web Developer, I'm working at professional branding company at Medan, Indonesia. I'm very like to play ragnarok online, since junior high class, then I build my own private server, suddenly I have an idea to develop a control panel, with a responsive design. Honestly fluxCP is very good control panel, but the theme templating design is a little outdated, and non-responsive, need a lot of effort to templating the theme. That's why I want to develop a new CP. I am developing a new control panel which will be compactible with rAthena and Hercules. While I'm working on the development, I would like if you guys give me some feedback. I will post some updates with screenshot later, please be patient! The Project Name : ZenkaiCP Detail: PHP Framework Laravel 5.1. HTML5, Javascript with jQuery, CSS3 for theme templating. Bootstrap Framework Responsive & Mobile Friendly PHP 5.6 required (and other Laravel dependencies). Clean Design SEO Friendly Feature Plan: Account Feature (Register, Login, Forgot Password, Account Setting) Content Management System Theme Configuration System Friendly Log UI News & Events Custom Patcher Notice Generator (Stream the content from News & Events) Vote for Points Donation Section (Automatically convert to cash or zeny) Paypal Integration (For International user) Stripe Integration (For International user) Doku MyShorcart Integration (For Indonesia user) Player of the Month Guild of the Month Player, Guild, Mercenary Rangking (Zenkai Custom Formula ) Support Ticket Monster Info (load item_db and item_db2, SQL only) Item Info (load mob_db and mob_db2, SQL only) Freebies Feature Contact Us form. Live Chat Support (using tawk.to) Register with Facebook, G+ or Twitter GM Task List ROBrowser Integration Auto Update This is current plan of the development, but if you have some idea / request, please let me know. Please do not hesitate to give me a feedback, wheter it is a good feedback or not. Sorry if my English are bad Best regards,
  4. Hello Hercules Community, We [my server] are looking for a person to design background art for our website. Our website is roughly 80% complete, all we need is background art and finishing design touches. Currently the site's BG is plain coloured, with a dash of text. By taking this job, you will create a design to go with our website. It is one picture. Inquiries can be made via private messaging me here [on the Hercules Board]. Thanks, look forward to working with you! TZ
  5. Hello, I am searching for a designer to work in collaboration with on the design of a website. This is a paid job. We are looking to create the mock design of our server's website. So far, a very basic concept for the site has been created. Nothing else, but you are not working completely from scratch. Ideally for you to take the job on, you should: - Be creative. - Have a portfolio of some sort. - Have at least one artistic bone in your body. If you have any questions or wish to express interest, post either below or through private message. Thanks!
  6. Website | Portfolio | Services | Contact us ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to Gantz Services Before making an inquiry make sure to read my services, payment options, and policies to avoid any conflicts in the near future. Thank you! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contact Information Skype: facebook:rayshin2 Email: [email protected]<script data-cfhash='f9e31' type="text/javascript">/* */</script> Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/gantzservices Service Status Current: Available Setup Services Graphic Services Policies Payment Options Showcases Premades
  7. The 3rd premade finally released! All fluxcp premades are compatible with eAthena, rAthena and Hercules it comes with SQL scripts and in-game scripts to make add-ons working. New Release Premade v3 Website & Patcher New Premade v2 Patcher
  8. CORA™, formerly named as Taka Control Panel, is a FREE and Stand-alone Content Management System for your private ragnarok online websites! Easily change the contents of your site by accessing the admin panel. No need to open up a text editor and hassle yourself with the source code. You can even change themes or manage widgets in your website with just a few clicks! with CORA™ you can: Create/Update/Delete news and events with CKEditor Create/Update/Delete pages with CKEditor Easy navigation creation Easy users(players) management Easily Add/Edit/Remove widgets on your website Easily change into different themes ​ Easily manage your cash shop Easily manage your vote links and donate options Easily edit your settings View your characters with ROChargen View guild emblems View player/guild rankings View WoE Schedule View castle status Click for a video demonstration of CORA™ back when it was still in early development. DOWNLOAD Visit our website to download CORA™: http://cora.takaworks.net/ or you can clone it from github: https://github.com/takari1994/CORA Install guide is provided in our website. SCREENSHOTS Screenshot 01 | Screenshot 02 | Screenshot 03 | Screenshot 04 | Screenshot 05 | Screenshot 06 | Screenshot 07 Screenshot 08 | Screenshot 09 | Screenshot 10 | Screenshot 11 | Screenshot 12 | Screenshot 13 | Screenshot 14 NOTES Recent updates requires CORA to use some custom and ready-made scripts such as AnnieRuRu's PVP ladder. All required scripts will be included and placed in the `scripts` folder. DISCLAIMER CORA™ is currently in beta phase and does not provide warranty of any sort, including but not limited to, warranty of quality, performance, usability. You assume all risks associated with using the software. BUG REPORT & SUGGESTIONS Please submit your reports and suggestions as a reply to this thread or by sending an email to [email protected] Or if you have quick questions such as "does this support so and so" .. then yes you may ask, but if you need support regarding installation and what not, please send me a PM or perhaps I might start a support topic instead. SUPPORT US Also, please support us by liking us on facebook: http://facebook.com/takaworks and/or by donating. Any amount will be deeply appreciated. https--,,--//www.paypalobjects.com/en_US/i/btn/btn_donateCC_LG.gif[/url]] UPDATE CORA™ v0.9.4.2 BETA [Download] ​Added a `memory_limit` index in settings.php to increase/decrease memory allocation. Fixed some database and missing variable errors for eAthena users. Fixed the query in generate_profiles.sql. Potential Fix for the memory leak problem in logs module. Fixed missing images in cash shop checkout page. Fixed item weight in item database search. Fixed checkout spam, which will drain players' credits/vpoints, by disabling the pay button after submitting the form. Fixed ranking widget where a display glitch occurs when selecting the "Display Guild Only" option. Fixed the error in registration/account update where the birthday doesn't apply to the login table. Fixed registration/account update page where users can directly input birthday. Fixed an issue where admin is required to login w/ regular account to update other accounts. Added an option in account settings to allow/disallow username change. Added an option in account settings to allow/disallow birthday change. Added an option in account settings to custom username/password format error message. Added an option in general settings for "Construction Mode" to redirect users (Excluding admin) to a "Under Construction" page when enabled. Added support for item_db_re and item_db2. UPDATE: Admin can now change a player's username and password regardless of the settings. UPDATE: Admin can now change a player's credits and vpoints. Started to implement responsive design for dashboard for mobile content management (not yet finished/ongoing). CORA™ v0.9.4 BETA - changelogs CORA™ v0.9.3 BETA - changelogs CORA™ v0.9.2 BETA - changelogs CORA™ v0.9.1 BETA - changelogs CORA™ v0.9.0 BETA - changelogs https--,,--//i.creativecommons.org/l/by-nc-sa/4.0/88x31.png[/url]] CORA™ by Takaworks is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  9. Dear Friends, Joy-Ro a new ragnarok low rate renewal server is looking for new staff to start a new journey and friendship. We are in need of a Developer to maintain the server and client side. If you think you can handle this job send me a message Also we are in need of a webdeveloper that can help keep the website up to date and fresh. Are you interested in joining our team send me a message. The Jobs are first Free of Charge later in the project its gonne be a paid service. Kind Regards Henry
  10. ================================== Premade FluxCP ================================== Name: Type 4 Full View here: Click Me
  11. ================================== Ragnarok FluxCP Website ================================== Our second premade fluxcp website and ready for an exclusive buy For 1st buyer only. Full View here: Click Me Version 1.1
  12. Ragnarok Flux CP Website w/ Patcher Design. Website + Full Layered PSD - Website & Patcher = 100$ Website + Patcher (Coded) w/o PSD = 40$ per sale. All are fully coded with bonus addons such as; PvP/WoE Ranking & Staff Pages + V4P (CLEAN CODED) PvP Ranking [ Link ] WoE Ranking [ Sub-Link ] since No emperium has been broken yet. Staff Pages [ Link ] Live PREVIEW: LINK Website Screenshots; Patcher Screenshots; Contact me @ Hercules only.
  13. Unavailable, currently occupied with another project. ► Contact Info: Website: www.renn-designs.net ► Services: Website Design(PSD): $100+ HTML/CSS Coding: $70+ FluxCP Integration: $50+ FluxCP Setup: $5 ► Sample RO Works: http://renn-designs.net/works/exro/http://renn-designs.net/works/kippy/http://renn-designs.net/works/moonro/http://renn-designs.net/works/pantheon/ ► Non-RO Works: http://renn-designs.net/works/gamebuff.jpghttp://renn-designs.net/works/netgames.jpg ► Pre-Made Website: Premade Website - PacificRO on the works! [||||||||||] Accepting orders!
  14. DrawMove Websites / Premades / Animation Services http://www.drawmove.net Did you ever wish to create a nice animated website, without using a paid and heavy technology like flash, or outdated GIFs? Well it's now possible with us ! DrawMove is a team of two persons. I am the website coder/designer, and my friend, Arkreika is a graphist and animator. Our work is focused on two goals: Providing quality premade at reasonable price and Creating animations for websites in HTML5. About our Websites [*]They work on an improved FluxCP version. [*]They are compatible with any emulator version. [*]They have custom features and plugins, automatically included. [*]They are fast, light, modern (CSS3 & HTML5). [*]Even if they are pre-mades, they are customizable. We offer colors changes, background changes and images changes (Included in price). [*]Price includes after sales support and bug fixes. (** As long as our deal is respected) [*]Average price 230$. [*]Fast installation (Between 1 to 4 days). About our Animations [*]We can make an animation from any existing picture that you can provide and we also have a lot of Ragnarok art ready to be animated. [*]They are coded in HTML5 and Javascript. They are compatible with all the *not too old* browsers. They even work on mobile phone! [*]They can be included very easily on any existing website. It is the same as adding a <div> in your page. [*]Setup of the animation is offered. [*]Average price 50$ per animation (Depends the complexity). Examples of our works Websites Premades (You can test the online demos, and try different themes). >> Online Demo << >> Online Demo << >> Online Demo << Free FluxCP Theme With Animated Golden Shura >> Online Demo (Free theme) << Animations (We have made around ~10 Animations, you can check our website or the youtube channel). Thanks for reading! If you are interested in our services or if you have any question, please contact by email [email protected] or using skype (kami-shi). We also have a website: http://www.drawmove.net
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