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fixedaspd mapflag

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hehehe ... I'm so happy that now mapflag also can be a plugin
I think I can safely release all my custom mapflags for hercules users

Download: 1.3


prontera    mapflag    fixedaspd    150
	setmf_fixedaspd "prontera", 150;

all players will have fixed attack speed at 150 speed
the value capped between 85~199 ... although the maximum may not actually 199,
it can be battle_config.max_aspd for 1st/2nd jobs, or battle_config.max_third_aspd for 3rd jobs


prontera    mapflag    fixedaspd    150    99
	setmf_fixedaspd "prontera", 150, 99;

all players except GM99 at prontera has fixed attack speed at 150


	removemf_fixedaspd "prontera";

remove the fixedaspd mapflag in prontera, without using "@reloadscript"


	dispbottom getmf_fixedaspd( "prontera" ) +"";
	dispbottom getmf_fixedaspd( "prontera", 0 ) +"";
	dispbottom getmf_fixedaspd( "prontera", 1 ) +"";

first 2 lines return the fixedaspd value, 3rd line return the GM level bypass restriction
Note: since the minimum value is 85, if the mapflag is off, return 0



1.0 - plugin

1.1 - plugin
- I hook wrong function, should be mapflag initialize

1.1a -
- optimized some part

1.2 - plugin
- update to latest revision
- add GM level bypass restriction
- add *setmapflagfixedaspd *removemapflagfixedaspd *getmapflagfixedaspd script command

1.3 - plugin
- change *setmapflagfixedaspd into *setmf_fixedaspd ... and so on


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