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Can I request this addon ?


About This Add-on

Giveaway add-on works like mail feature in the game of Ragnarok Online where users can message other players even they are offline because the message are stored in their mailbox for good.

By this wonderful addition to your control panel, trusted administrators may now send items and zenies as well as messages to your players without any hasle.

Use this tool if you want to spread stuffs to your players as a token of appreciation to their s
upport. You may also use this on events wherein you have to distribute items to selected winners or losers. Use this tool anyway you want, anywhere you want without limits.



  • [*]Multiple character to send in single dispatch [*]Multiple Server Support ( Each allowed admins must have at least 1 character in each server ) [*]Search Character Names/Ids Filter by;
    • [*]​Individual Character [*]Characters in an Account [*]Character in with Group Level [*]Members in a Guild [*]Members in a Party

[*]Search for Item name or id [*]Ajax search [*]Able to exclude account, character, group, guild, and party ids [*]Admins can send / dispatch the following as of now, ( still open for suggestions )

  • [*]​Items [*]Elemental Equipments ( mainly weapons that can be forged ) [*]Equipments with card attached to it [*]Zeny

Anyone have this ? might share ? or paid ? Tell me how much. 

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