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Rebellion Development (Rebels)

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Lets just call them Rebels. *cough* So its been over 2 and a half years since the class was released back in August of 2013 in kRO. Thats a long time and yet barely any of their skills work. You can play as one to get a higher base level, higher stats, access more powerful weapons, the usual but very few skills are usable. Well enough waiting. Time to get skills working.


ill be trying to code their skills in by ID order but if something feels to be complex or can't be coded in right away due to a needed function lacking then ill skip it for later.


RL_RICHS_COIN		--> 100% Working
RL_MASS_SPIRAL		--> 100% Working (Note 1)
RL_BANISHING_BUSTER	--> Partly Working (Note 2)
RL_B_TRAP		--> Partly Working 
RL_FLICKER		--> Not Coded
RL_S_STORM		--> Not Coded
RL_E_CHAIN		--> 100% Working
RL_QD_SHOT		--> Not Coded
RL_C_MARKER		--> Partly Working (Note)
RL_FIREDANCE		--> Not Coded
RL_H_MINE		--> Partly Working (Note)
RL_P_ALTER		--> Not Coded
RL_FALLEN_ANGEL		--> Not Coded
RL_R_TRIP		--> 100% Working (Note 3)
RL_D_TAIL		--> Not Coded
RL_FIRE_RAIN		--> Not Coded
RL_HEAT_BARREL		--> Not Coded
RL_AM_BLAST		--> Not Coded
RL_SLUGSHOT		--> 100% Working (Note)
RL_HAMMER_OF_GOD	--> Not Coded
RL_B_FLICKER_ATK	--> Not Coded


Note 1


RL_MASS_SPIRAL is turning out to be a interesting skill as info from testers on the warp portal forums are saying this skill is basicly a 10x damage ice pick. This is because level 5 deals 1000% damage + bonus damage depending on the targets DEF. I guess its 1000% dealed through this pick like damage in the same way that MO_INVESTIGATE does. Interesting.


I already recoded this in for r799 and even tho the damage feels its reduced greatly on low DEF targets, anyone with a good bit of DEF and VIT DEF will be feeling it. Its a good skill to use on something with high DEF and VIT like a strong MVP or a Rune Knight / Royal Guard who are covered in think armor and defensive skills. It also has a 15 cell cast range which is screen range but the downside to the skill is that 2 of the 3 second cast is fixed but you can reduce that by 1 sec with a properly casted heated barrel (soon to be coded in as well) but then it has a 10 second cooldown. Finally, there's a high chance to cause bleeding and in my tests when I was capturing timer data, my other test character seemed to get the status almost every time. It has to be AT LEAST 50% chance if not more. Maybe its 70 or 80. ill go with 50 for now.


The skill doesnt consume bullets but it consume 1 of the item Full Metal Jacket. Being like MO_INVESTIGATE it might be forced neutral too and also hit/flee may also not play a role. Well see how it plays out when released.



Note 2


I got the splash 5x5 damage added, but it gets complex after that. The dispell effect only happens on the enemy you targeted and NOT the other enemys hit. But with that said, im feeling it should only happen if you actually hit the target. I can keep it limited to the targeted enemy, but to only happen when hit means I need to put the dispell part in the functions skill_additional_effect. Problem is that I need to set a flag for the original target so that the dispell in skill_additional_effect will only trigger on that target, but the function doesn't accept flags.


Thats just part of my problem. I have yet to figure out how to limit the dispell code to how many buffs it can remove depending on the used skill level. Just a complex skill thats best to revisit later.



Note 3


Round Trip accord to the description "When hit, enemies are knocked out of the skill's range.". To me this sounds like the skill will always knock you back as much as needed to push you out of the skill range. I tried using a fixed range the same as the splash size, but it was too much as hitting someone at the edge of the AoE would just get knocked back another 6 cells nearly out of viewing range.


To resolve this I set the skill to knock back enemys to the first cell outside the skill's AoE range. Felt right after that. Still want a confirm whenever. Also the knock back into the wall damage is not yet coded.


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Updated the original post. Added a list of all the existing skill tags and info on each of their status. If players are wondering about which skills work and don't work, copy this list into a topic on your forums. Also ill be posting additional info on things about certain skills as I code them.

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On 12/1/2019 at 12:41 PM, Rytech said:

All of the Rebel's stuff works. I completed this job quite some time ago. And 3CeAM is a Pre-RE only emu. Check the post dates.

Sorry for necro...


Just leveled a gunslinger to 99/50 and did the rebel quest -> all worked fine


Then got eternal chain and rich coin, neither of them worked.


How can i check if Rebel is implemented in the "noob package"?

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