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Help me to edit Skill_db for Dragon Breath Skill

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Edit: emulator/src/map/battle.c

	md.damage = ((status_get_hp(src) / 50) + (status_get_max_sp(src) / 4)) * skill_lv;
	if (sd) md.damage = md.damage * (95 + 5 * pc->checkskill(sd,RK_DRAGONTRAINING)) / 100;
	md.flag |= BF_LONG|BF_WEAPON;

Example: You can edit values ​​that do not directly affect the formula... :  "95 - 10"  or " skill_lv - 1"

Edited by OmarAcero

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Aegis has this set as a DIRECTATTACK type, meaning it should be treated as weapon type attack which sounds right because the enemy's DEF reduces damage, but it doesn't take the caster's base or weapon ATK. If your finding something wrong with the skill then whatever the issue it might be a bug. I do have it on my "Things To Do" list and could look into it soon if you want.

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