[Custom Instance] Zombie Massacre (SOLO VERSION)

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File Name: [Custom Instance] Zombie Massacre (SOLO VERSION)

File Submitter: Aeromesi
File Submitted: 08 Apr 2016
File Category: Events & Games



[Custom Instance]
Zombie Massacre

Story Line:

Word has it in Prontera that a Zombie Invasion might be happening. Will you take up the responsibility to head to the Post and watch out for Zombies?

If you want players to become a Zombie, look in the `OnInit` to change whether they become a Zombie or not, and how many chances they have.

If you become a Zombie, run to the minimarked area in Prontera (The center of Prontera) to drink from the Holy Fountain of water to continue the Zombie Massacre . As of now the script is default set with this disabled, but you can easily enable it via the `OnInit`. Example:


// 0 for Disabled, 1 for Enabled for becoming a Zombie feature inside of Zombie Massacre Instance. [email protected]_Enabled = 1;

// Amount of chances they have total until they lose the instance.

[email protected] = 3;

Follow install instructions and you should be fine, also be sure to add the script.c details into your own script.c and recompile (If you downloaded any of the other instances like El Dicastes then skip this step)

My Premium Version includes Party Mode, a Ranking of who beat it the most and who beat it the fastest, similar to El Dicastes and my other Premium Instance Versions.

Click here to download this file

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For anyone who downloaded this, you won't be able to use the custom instance unless you download the new version. I forgot to include something from the source file.

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Just so everyone knows, I've made the premium version of Zombie Massacre. (Contact me through Skype: itzmichaelmorici or on the forums, Skype's better though.)

It now supports the following:

A more structured/optimized system for Hercules.

  1. Party mode (Party-Mode also comes with a Ranking feature, you can Wipe/reset the Party ranking manually if you are GM.)
  2. Bonus item feature, complete in x minutes to obtain a bonus item that every party member gets (Only applicable towards Party-Mode, to promote Party-Play)
  3. Disabled (not removed) Zombification system (This posed too dangerous to use in instances with my current  scripting-knowledge.)
  4. Optimizations
  5. Enable/Disable whether to have Delay of re-entrance and simply edit of variable .delay_time = 1; // 1 hour to setup what amount of delay for re-entrance you want.

    PS: If you want this for rAthena, you'll have to personally talk to me.



View below some screenshots of how it "looks" pay attention to the messages in the chatbox and what the NPC is viewing as the ranking.


1.) Solo ranking (Fastest Solo-Player who beat Dungeon.):




2.) Solo ranking (Who beat Solo-Player the most times.):



3.) The menu:




4.) Party Ranking (From the MvP Ladder Instance):



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