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Script release - lists


Hello peoples,


well first of all, modos, sorry for this post. I don't know where to place it, as I've seen no section dedicated to that so...I there's another place, which fits better to this kind of post, please just move it there.


So basically, this post has been created to list all the script release I'm available to make. I've got all the scripts I'm about to list, and like to share it all with you guys. 

But as they list is pretty long and that most of these release will requires a guide of installation and guide of use, I'd like to know which one are the most susceptible to interest people here, on the board.


So here we go. 


Edit: As I've been asked already, NaN is used to say "Not specified". Sorry for that.


Pattern: Title - Small description - predicted release or working date (link to showcase or release)


Event Package - Contains 12 automated events. Some are just a small mod of the official ones, others are fully custom - NaN


Instance Package - Contains 5 custom instances and a small modified version of Endless Cellar - NaN


Quest Package - Contains 10 customs quests, for item or exp - NaN


Utilities Package - Contains a list of usefull functions or npc (anti afk, anti bot, currency handling...) - NaN


Dungeons Package - Contains 7 customs dungeons, including one fully handle by scripts poping death players clones - NaN


Achievement System - Contains an achievement system with 9 modes and a total count of 125 achievements ready to use - NaN


Ase Fruits - Contains a feature system based over the Demon Fruits from One Piece, using ~40 new items (low headgears) - NaN


Celestial Tower - Contains a PvP exclusive content, where players must climb a tower to gain money, or bet on fights. Based other Hunter x Hunter arc of the same name - NaN


Danma - Contains a unique Raid based over Danmachi. - NaN


Guilds System - Contains a list of 10 crafting job, which can produce over 100+ items (as a Mastersmith will do for instance) - NaN


Mercenary System - Contains a feature enabling players to rent their time for loot, support... - NaN


Bounty Hunter - Contains a feature enabling a player to chase a target (can also be use with pk system) - NaN


Legendary Quest - Contains 3 particularly long and hard quest, used to give high grade reward - NaN


Rift - Contains a feature which invok a mvp through a rip in the world fabric - NaN


Apparition - Contains a feature which invok a monster through randomly around the world - NaN


Yggdrasil Crystal - Contains a feature based over Dragon Balls. Retrieve the 7 crystals to invok the Wish Dragon - NaN


Yggdrasil Memories - Contains a feature base over Greed Island, from Hunter x Hunter. Collect 100 cards through quest, mob killing or PvP action / spells - NaN


Scaled Yggdrasil - Raid based over Aincrad dungeon, from Sword Art Online. Contains a small replica of Yggdrasil, where the 9 Realms has to be freed to access the Yggdrasil Root. Death isn't authorized there, as no resurrection will reset your progression - Sunday 29/05/2016 (http://herc.ws/board/topic/12660-scaled-yggdrasil-raid-showcase/)


Reborn - System enabling a player to restart his base lvl while gaining a bonus stats points. Up to 10 times - NaN


Evolving Souls - System enabling players to bind his soul to a weapon kind, and make it grow, gaining bonus at some lvl floors. Coupled to a Relic Weapon with Power Word Shard carving, enabling to use and empowered up to 4 skills (3rd class only) inside the weapon - NaN


Race - System enabling a player to join a race (Jotun, Muspelheimer, Ase, Vane, Mist Alfe, Light Alfe, Sombre Dwarves). Gain bonus through a special class item (no palette), and access to special race item - NaN


Sealed Gates - Raid based over Yureka's Demon King arc - NaN


Guild Towns - System enabling a guild to capture and rule a whole city, including fields, dungeons and inhabitants. Use a copy of existing maps but can be adapted to customs - NaN


Metalimie - System enabling players to gain an extra class (Allomancist, Ferrochemist or Hemallurgist), obtaining bonus throught cunsommable, equipement or pvp kill - NaN


Fury Energy - Enable player to capture monsters and use some of their powers through Power Beads. Based over Codex Alera, itself based over Pokemon - NaN


Battle Area - Special area dedicated to PvP. Contains for now a 3 PvP Modes, but will in the end contains 7-8 different modes (battle royal, royal rumble, last survivor, Chaser...) - NaN


And I think it should be all. Keep in mind that some contents needs to add client mods (maps, items), server mods (item, mobs) or database mods (new table, table edition...)


If you're interested by some content, please just tell me. I'll try to update the list with links and release date. Also, if you want some more informations, just ask as a reply to this topic.

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So basically, this post has been created to list all the script release I'm available to make. I've got all the scripts I'm about to list, and like to share it all with you guys. 


This topic should be on Script Release section if you wanted to share your scripts to the community.

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@@Legend, yep, guess so too, but there's no "general section". And as those scripts may enter in different categories...Well I don't where to put it.

@@True Zeal, well I don't now how to say that differently. It's just a matter of asking peoples what release may be the more interesting to give it priority. They're all going to be released sooner or later, but it'll be better if those which can be used are released first.

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