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Scripter looking for a new home

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Good day everyone!


I am currently looking for a low to mid rate server hosted in a windows based platform which has at least 250-300 players, is not pay to win, and has a quest/event writer ready to work!


Availability: I currently have a full time job with only two days off, but the good thing about scripting is that I don't need a computer 24/7! *holds my pen and notebook close* I always set up pseudo code in my notebook before working on a project.


Contact Details: Feel free to post any questions here or PM me.  


Languages: English and Spanish. (I prefer the main language of the server to be English.)


Position: Mainly an event and quest scripter, but I can do tech support (Fixing bugs).


Experience: eAthena (3 years), Hercules (6 months). I can also work in rAthena servers as it's fairly close to eAthena.


History: I have scripted server wide events where the winning team gets access to special custom dungeons and the event happens every three hours so new teams have a chance to win and all time zones are covered. I scripted weapons that can have multiple/different buffs and stats which needs a quest to unlock. In essence, one weapon could have over 1000 different combinations of stats and buffs to promote variety and get away from cookie cutter builds. Dozens of events scripted, new content implemented, 100s of bugged fixed in all the servers I scripted for, and tons of custom items created. I scripted NPCs to handle premium services such as card unslotting, name changes, homun name changes, gender change, and guild leader change.



Hope to hear from you all soon! *waits anxiously to script again* Please post the website of your server and a little about the server. Thank you!

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Hi can you do instance quests?



I have some practice with it, I scripted three instances so far.



All the best ;3


Thank you ^^

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