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iRO Scripts + database releases

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So here's a release of my iRO scripts and some of their required database parts. I know some of these are already out there, but this is my original work and I hope ya'll enjoy them.


Link - Smokexyz's ROScripts



iRO Gramps

 * -------------------------------
 * - Official Quests Supported :
 * --- 17 x 100 Hunting Quests
 * --- 24 x 200 Hunting Quests
 * --- 108 x 400 Hunting Quests
 * -------------------------------
 * - Quests are ordered by level of the players
 *   from 70 ~ 150.
 * - 400 Hunting Quests organised and randomised by map.
 *   Automated to select a new quest for each category every 3 days.
 * - Supports a custom Happy Hour feature with randomised bonus rates.
 * - Automatically increases mob spawn in maps of the selected quests.
 * ------------v2.1-------------------
 * - Added support for premium Exp combination of Base/Job.
 * - Fixed a bug with per Mob Exp where both mob and quest exp were
 *	 affected by rates. Using custom strmobinfo(8/9) for original exp.
 * - Fixed display of Exp in string format.
 * - Fixed bug with reset stone, it will now delete all cool-downs and
 *   current un-submitted quests.
 * Note that this does not completely emulate 100% iRO gramps;
 * iRO switched quest level categories to 3 from 4. This will
 * be changed later.


iRO Mighty Hammer

 * Source - iRO Wiki
 * - Your gear must be +7 or higher in order to begin upgrading.
 * - Continue upgrading without exiting NPC conversation
 *   (if HD Ores are present in your inventory.)
 * - Custom Feature: Utilizes kRO Safe to +N Certificates.


iRO Bounty Boards - Complete from http://irowiki.org/wiki/Bounty_Board_Quests (except Aldebaran).


iRO Overlook Dungeonshttp://irowiki.org/wiki/Overlook_Water_Dungeon_Quests



Feel free to create issue reports on the repository for any issues/suggestions that you may have. I will update with more scripts in the future.

Edited by Smokexyz

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I think the mob.c and mob.h source edits need to be updated, recently updated my repository and while there were no changes to the original line, upon applying the Gramps diff all mobs gave 0 exp. Upon reverting it, it went back to normal.

Edit: Nevermind, I derped.

Edited by Wolfeh

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