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[Free] Resume RAJ

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Status - Not Available!

Name - Cyro(also known as Dheeraj)

Age - 23

Location - India

Gender - Male

Availability - Daily)(2-4h/day) (Committing more time on days off)


Positions desired:

Web Developer (basic installation and maybe modifications and adding addons etc)
Developer/admin (Client and Server Side/ maintaining the server)
Head GM (Optional)

Basically almost Been into Everything with ragnarok development segments..!  so i could work almost everything with ragnarok



 In Server Side : (Almost 8 years)

Hosting Configs ( Modify/Install/Transfer stuffs in VPS(Virtual Pricate Server) / Dedicated Servers)
Scripter/Server Modification(NPC,DBs,Configs)
Custom Modifications (Adding/Customizing Sprites/Items )


  • worked as admin in reamlro,serenityro,GeforceRo
  • head Gm in Maxro,
  • Had my own Server which was atomz ragnarok online which was quite populated, 
  • been Admin for Geforce Ragnarok online (which was closed recently) 
  • Event Gm in Toatal ragnarok online
  • and many more


Why should I be hired?

I'd like to think that I am dedicated.  I agree that I have my fair share of in real life things that go on, but I will still be a dedicated team member.  
   -Easy Going
I take criticism easily, I don't mind it, in fact I appreciate it. I promise I'm not going to make a big deal if you don't like something I do.  In fact, I like that people have different ideas  anything of that sort.  I'd like to think I'm easy going, or easy to get along with.
   -Constructive Feedback
I like to give feedback and bounce ideas
Things I prefer?
I prefer to work with a server who has dedicated people, even if its just a few people I don't care.  Dedication is key!




How can you contact me ?



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