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2016-10-02 : Update to the Intro

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This is an update to the intro, to be more specific, to the spawning location and everything happening before the Crituria Academy

  • New spawning location for RENEWAL is iz_int 18 27
    • New outerior is int_land. You have to do a small quest here. This is optional, you can also go directly to Izlude.
  • The additinal poring drop is fully handled by our quest_db.conf and you do not need to edit anything. 
  • In order to fully support this change, you need the latest translation files for navigation and iteminfo. You can find them here:


The confusion about iz_int


We saw question about a black iz_int quite often. Is is also simply why this happens. The map was changed on official, and the small ship was turned into a ship interior. The old coordinates were a black spot on this "new" map, and to fix it, you simply had to put in the "old" iz_int map files.

For this change, you now need the new map, the one. 

I once uploaded both to hercules. In case you need it, you can download it here.


The new iz_int is included in any recent kro from the back to december 2015. If you used the old iz_int, you just have to replace it.




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Thank you for sharing, your efforts to bring convenience to everyone, I like everything you work, I will be your FANS~

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