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New dll shield packet


I need help to finish my DLL Shield.
My packet 0x64 content: (my dll working)
My part of DLL source:

unsigned int command = (*(unsigned short*)buf);

if( (command == 0x64) ) { //if login packet, send mac to host serv
			char mac_address[18] = "";
			GetMACaddress((char *)mac_address); //GET MAC 
			memcpy((char*)buf+*len, mac_address, sizeof(mac_address)); //ATTACH MAC IN TO CURRENT PACKET 0X64
			*len += 17;
} ...

correctly sends new packet value
How do I get data added to the packet leng in the emulator?
I tried so;

char mac = RFIFOL(fd,12);

But always returns zero...
But I need some tips to properly handle this new value! I want to add MAC, HWID, Shield Version. I'm testing
first only with the MAC!
Help-me pls, I intend to share the DLL Shield for community!

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Did you configure your emulator to get mac address?


Did you attached your dll file to be loaded by the client in order to get mac as well?


Dll loaded and getting MAC successful


The question is, how can I configure the emulator to receive MAC and other data that I want to send using my dll?



Thanks for your attention!

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Have you tried using this diff made by dastgir. 




you can manually use that patch to enable your server/emulator capture mac address.. Well the patch is originally made to work w/ clients who uses a launcher to get the mac address..


Well, I've been looking forward to your project.. :)

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