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Item Evolution System

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Item Evolution System



Hello! It has been a lot of time since I don't make a release. One of the most important reasons is my laziness to do a topic. But I tried to fight against it and here I am.
This is an old script. It was very ugly in the past (now it's just ugly and has been optimised). I tested it a good amount of times and I didn't found any bugs in my tests.



What does this script do?

It can evolve equips when you kill an amount of monsters, or gather experience from them. You can request aditional types if you want. I could update this... probably.



How to configure?

Well, I like to think the config is easy, but I don't really know. You can add items by using callsub Ids. The structure is like this:

callsub Ids, ID 1, evolution mode 1, mob id 1, amount to advance 1%, ID 2..., mob id 2... and so. Every entry is a different evolving line which can consist of... 10 items if you like (i.e. Poring Wings -> Super Poring Wings -> Mega Poring Wings -> God of Poring Wings, and so).

The evolution modes, as of now, are the next:

  • 1 = Every X amount of mobs
  • 2 = Every x amount of experience

You can also define if the evolution itself is handled by the system or you have some quest in mind with the .auto variable.











So, enjoy the script.



Mirror: http://pastebin.com/dl/6xk49UED



Note: the idea itself comes from Pow Supremacy. Credits to them.


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I remember there was a person who released this way back 2010 which streiker.

Your code is almost the same as streiker.

That's my old nickname.

Oh hi Streiker! :D where's the Delay Healer v.1.1

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On 12/4/2016 at 4:47 AM, Omnipotent said:

Updated to v1.1:

Using constants in slots.

Fix cards and refine checking on evo.

Fix exp evo mode

Hi Omnipotent,
Is this still working? I tried the script i went on 1000% from evolving still no evolving happened.

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The item (Angeling Hat) goes way past 100%, upwards of 1000%, and will never evolve into the Ulle's Cap,

Am I doing something wrong? Is it a bug?

I would appreciate it if someone could look at this and figure it out because this seems like a really fun system!

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