2015-10-29aRagexeRE Client (Re-Release)

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File Name: 2015-10-29aRagexeRE Client (Re-Release)

File Submitter: Rytech

File Submitted: 26 Nov 2016

File Category: Client Resources


2015-10-29aRagexeRE game client.


This is a re-release of the 2015-10-29aRagexeRE client which fixes issues from the previous release in 2015. Be sure to set the client to load rdata.grf before data.grf to minimize issues.


Click here to download this file

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the actual version of hercules run this client??!!

my emulator still getting this error :

clif_parse: Received unsupported packet (packet 0x0521e (0x0002), 11 bytes received), disconnecting session #3.

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I used this client but it closes when "Custom Aura Limit" is used in NEMO patcher... I cant see aura past lvl 175 for 3rd job and past lvl 99 with other jobs.. My set Max_Level is 255...

Any way to make this client show auras past lvl 99 or make the patch "Custom Aura Limit" work on this?


Please help ASAP.. :(

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