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[showcase]Town of Beginnings SAO

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I'm currently working on a Sword Art Online project and figured it would be cool to hear some feedback on this new map i just finished.

Its is a central town on the anime and also in the server, so a lot of things will be going on there. ;D


Made a video introduction to the town and its squares. And also a bit of the visual effects modifications of the server on the video.(like sao like HP bar)







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welcome back rapalooza!

Well, i was never gone ;p I'm just quietly researching stuffs




hahahaha sick right? it's a shame that it consumes a bunch of skill effects and would be in-viable in a normal ragnarok scenario,

maybe a custom effect_id with lua or dll, does any one knows if it is possible?(i know it is not T-T)

Edited by raPalooza~

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