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Race condition in char server: please update

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Handling of item storage has been split into a separate packet, but while this fixed a bug, it introduced a race condition, which when exploited allows to duplicate items.


A new patch has been issued and the exploit is no longer reproducible. If you are using a version between e8affc4 and f30edc7 (inclusive) make sure you update ASAP to d2af893 (stable) or later version and compile it.



Affected versions, from oldest to most recent:

  • e8affc41f106503b530abaa7faa20d6e63b727b8
  • d966a8e6860d418bb3a235e57928436127eba555
  • cb3e2f5f3b91d0a1f7711eff9c10ae9a655a74f2
  • 50848cc7f79aa516351e4a4d673df53f4881eb4d
  • 5383a14853327c123cbb037d3680aaa3d8c3e724
  • 8c5b8ac7d87d8d4dc49d3ff1768f8884a0d75d72
  • 7c6673e13fdd75a4137a9d7ef94e04d96e053422
  • d90e8ce0d8ba8677567a5a5adebb62ba97e8a0b3
  • b950a589e59e2bf074f67c75aaacf3f82424d4fe
  • 4b208e41d1d5cc995c2816e8f34c1ad8b0a7327d
  • 47a1e679cd35dc2e524fbeb31891d85e497821ce
  • f30edc7f02fb0c290d302d9abc77d970bb05fb62




To know which version you are on:

  • start Hercules (login server, char server or map server)
  • it will say something like the following:
    [Info]: Git revision (src): 'e6ab2a9ec6f5be8927eeca667ff477086f5e2e8e'



If any other issue is found, this post will be updated.



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Need help updating to a newer version?

You can get free support in the #Hercules channel of the Rizon network.

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Many people not using git at all. And because this cant see revision number.

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