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Hercules, welcome to IPB4

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Hey everyone,


It has been long overdue to bridge over to IPB4... but we are finally here. We ran into a few issues with the transition but we got the forum running within an hour. The forum is now accessible for everyone (maintenance is over), but keep in mind that there are still batches being processed in the backend which may make your experiences in browsing / posting sluggish. Over the next few hours/days, I will be working on the forum; reorganizing a few things, fine tuning, etc.



If you run into any issues, don't hesitate to bring them to my attention! 

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Besides the avatar issue, here's what I noticed so far:

  • Newlines in code snippets for downloads seem broken. FIXED Example:
  • ^ Clicking the download button yields "file not found" FIXED
  • ^ The actual files of the previous versions of the file are gone FIXED
    • for some reason version 1 and version 2 seem fine, but version 3 and 4 are not found (I re-uploaded version 4 though) FIXED
  • It is no longer possible to remove previous versions FIXED
  • The screenshots for ALL downloads are gone FIXED
  • You can no longer see who gave +1 reputation on posts FIXED
  • The reputation page is gone from profiles altogether FIXED
  • The reputation page on profiles shows no posts at all FIXED
  • When you edit posts, even if you don't check "Show that the message has been edited" it still shows as edited NOT A BUG
  • When clicking the Documentation tab in the page header it says "Wiki (Achieved)" FIXED
  • On profile pages the bar that says content count, joined, last visited partially covers the member title FIXED
  • The ability to set a profile background is gone... but I guess this has been superseded by the cover feature NOT A BUG
  • The nested bulleted lists are broken for Announcements; they show the [*] bbcode as plaintext FIXED
  • Embedded downloads (ie the one embedded in this very post) show "0 comments", even though there's no way to comment on download pages FIXED
  • The navigation links for IRC and moderation logs are gone WON'T FIX
  • There is no margin in between the green star icon of featured topics and the title of said topics in the sidebar widget. We could give it a margin-right of ~4px but since the widget already says "featured" it's redundant, so I feel this icon should just be removed or hidden from the widget. FIXED

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26 minutes ago, Myriad said:

Just found out I need to hold shift
to go to next line line

without skipping.

wow that's weird.. thanks for the tip

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