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Death Match - Battleground Addon

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Death Match - Battleground Addon

Come to join a Battleground match where you'll have to defeat all ennemies to earn points

Death Match is a battleground addon where players may fight until the end of the delay configured to earn as much points as possible.

The highest points rate will be rewarded, others will too but in a lowest range.

Each team will count 6 players at start, and killing them will bring points to the opposite team.

Enables first player to configure the game duration at will (5, 10 or 15 minutes), and diffuse announce for players attraction.

Configuration enabled: Price to enter, number of player to start the game, duration enabled

Command: allowing use of @dmboard, to get a score board for each player in game


Credits: Do not claim my work as yours.

Feel free to use it, even modify it, but leave the credit on file header


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How could I make your script use more then one map? for example:

guild_vs3, pvp_n_8-4 and so on.

I would like to choose a random map instead of use only one.

thanks in advance

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Hello Alayne,

Is it possible to make a barricade in this line


So the team from both sides can prepare once revived after killed? And is it possible if 4 or more players have the same IP, the event will not trigger to prevent the abuse of getting the war badge from the event?

Thank you!

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