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Can a player be forced to join a party?



I created this buildin which invites char id 2 to char id 1's party (CID1 must be online).
It sends char id 2 an invite as if char id 1 clicked their name and invited them.
What I want to know - is it possible to force join a character to a party without giving them the option to accept or decline?


*party_invite(<char id 1>, <char id 2>)
Invites Char ID 2 to the party owned by Char ID 1.
Char ID 1 must be online.
Returns true on succession, false on failure.
	struct map_session_data *sd = script->charid2sd(st, script_getnum(st, 2));
	struct map_session_data *t_sd = script->charid2sd(st, script_getnum(st, 3));

	if (sd == NULL || t_sd == NULL)
		return false;

	if (!script_hasdata(st, 2) && !script_hasdata(st, 2)) {
		ShowError("Both Char IDs must be supplied.");
		return true;

	if (party->invite(sd, t_sd))
		script_pushint(st, 1);
		script_pushint(st, 0);
	return true;


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