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[RELEASED] RO Hooks, a nice set of modifications for your client

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Hello! ~

* Introduction

RO Hooks is a paid project, which will allow a set of custom abilities to your client, such as player name coloring, server side GM sprite and such; It is is meant to be a way to edit this old dead game client to add things either improving player's experience or giving the ability to have new of content or to give your players something special.


* What do we have currently

  1. GM Clothes and Robot Clothes controller server side (Robot Clothes is a Special Event Sprite)
  2. Player Name coloring (Server-side)
  3. Item Name Coloring (Client-Side)
  4. Messages Timestamp "inspired by Project Chaos RO (nachtwolke.ai4rei.com)"
  5. More to come


* Pictures

- GM and Robot Clothes



- Name Coloring





- Colorizing Item Names (Configure client side, could be applied to any kind of items)


- Messages Timestamp

* Which Clients are supported?

Pretty much anything 2012-04 and onward, older clients are also supported upon request.

* Is there anything more? when is this supposed to be release? And can we suggest something?

There's still other futures which will be announced soon, I'm pretty much working everyday to find something newer.

It will be released as soon as we have enough set of custom futures, also any suggestions for features is more than welcome, as soon as anything new finished i will announce it here. Also as soon as it's ready for sell I will get a Paid Service topic.


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On 8/12/2017 at 4:18 AM, Hirist said:

Wait for it.

That is what i need. Hope will be released soon

Reduce your waiting time by suggesting new features :) the modification will be released as whole and one paid pack, so we need more things to put it inside!



I'm little bit slow in adding new features because I'm re-writing the core of my system, however we have two new things.

  1. Item Name Coloring
  2. Messages Timestamp "inspired by Project Chaos RO (nachtwolke.ai4rei.com)"





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44 minutes ago, Hirist said:

Can we change aura and switch between gray map and normal ?

Aura is pretty much possible, however gray maps, I guess we can do it, could you please upload a set example of those maps and send it to me?

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10 hours ago, Haikenz said:

Where can I find this?

Keep watching the topic to know when It's available.

On 8/18/2017 at 6:47 AM, Hirist said:

Link from NovaRO: https://novaragnarok.com/download/maps_gray.rar

I readed another server, client can use /command to toggle gray map.

Or... my memory is mistaken.

I was kinda busy, but I kinda "made my own" messy version of this command. will update the topic after i finish re-write the whole thing.

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12 minutes ago, Daegaladh said:

Is the player name coloring mod a server-side only mod? ._.

Nope, it's server side and client side.

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This looks very awesome man, If you need anithing with the game, shout right to me ;);)  . We will very happy to lend a hand to this wonderful project (We are a coding team of 5 members and we have a Full Fledged dedicated server of Ragnarok Online in Cuba (Yes, Cuba ZOMAIGAD), only problem so far it's that we use rAthena)

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Oh thats a shame...Me and others would have loved to buy it or support the project. I think it is/was a great addition to the client (that is so limited in many ways for us to customize).
Heres hoping it will come back to life one day.. :)

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