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Philippines Most Trusted Developer


  • NPC Scripting (Min.price $3.00) with sprite (Min.price $5.00)
  • Item Modification (Min.price $2.00)
  • Item Implementation (Min.price $3.00)
  • Adding Custom Maps/Monster (Min.price $5.00)
  • Source Modification (Min.price $5.00)
  • Skill Modification (Min.price $5.00)
  • Skill Implementation (Min.price $10.00)
  • Coding Web Design (Min.price $50.00)
  • Feature/System Implementation (Min.price $50.00) (NOTE: Implements a system/feature you want to add in your server)
  • 3rd Party Application Development (Min.price $100.00)


Basic Server Setup

  • Emulator installation in your VPS
  • Website Control Panel Installation (FluxCP Default)
  • Lite Client Installer
  • Thor Patcher


Note: Price Change depends on the Period of work and Complexity.

Payment Method:

  • Western Union
  • Cebuana Lhuiller
  • Paypal
  • Bitcoin



  1. For Non-small job requests, You will have to pay 50% of the price as downpayment, this is to ensure that you're not backing off in the middle of process, and the downpayment will not be refunded when you backout of the job request.
  2. I will show you via screenshot or screencast that the job you requested to be done is working fine
  3. When you approved that its working fine, There you will send the payment,
  4. As soon as i receive the payment, i will send you the files for the job you requested.

Contact Info:

For faster Communication, Please PM me in Facebook: Benching Profile
or Discord: @benching#1791

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