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Assign random option to item on drop

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2 hours ago, djlaw69 said:

It's been a while since I have been on, but I seen that the Random Item Option was added:

Is there a method to assign that Random Option when an item is dropped from by a mob?

Something like this:

Do you mean this??  Random Option

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7 hours ago, djlaw69 said:

That allows you to add random bonuses, but does it allow them on drop or only through an NPC?


just add on folder item_db.conf


	Id: 1201
	AegisName: "Knife"
	Name: "Knife"
	Type: "IT_WEAPON"
	Buy: 50
	Weight: 400
	Atk: 17
	Range: 1
	Slots: 3
	Job: {
		Novice: true
		Swordsman: true
		Magician: true
		Archer: true
		Merchant: true
		Thief: true
		Knight: true
		Wizard: true
		Blacksmith: true
		Hunter: true
		Assassin: true
		Crusader: true
		Sage: true
		Rogue: true
		Alchemist: true
		Bard: true
		Soul_Linker: true
		Ninja: true
		Kagerou: true
	DisableOptions: true/false    <<<<<< (boolean, defaults to false !!for equipments only!!) [Smokexyz]
	WeaponLv: 1
	Subtype: "W_DAGGER"


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