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Easily Increase/ decrease skill damage

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Hi. It's a gold way to easily edit your skills damage if you are trying to balance your server.

Using this method, you can remove/add damage only for PvP/GvG/BM, then the players will do the original damage in mobs.

db/pre-re/map_zone_db.conf  or  db/re/map_zone_db.conf

Sample 1 - PvP:


    /* PvP zone is applied to all maps with a pvp mapflag */
    name: "PvP" /* changing this name requires MAP_ZONE_PVP_NAME to also be changed in src/map/map.h file */
    disabled_skills: {
        BS_GREED: "PLAYER"
    disabled_items: {
        Greed_Scroll: true
    mapflags: (
"adjust_skill_damage    ASC_BREAKER    150",
"adjust_skill_damage    CR_ACIDDEMONSTRATION    50",


What that means: working of PvP maps (pvp mapflag)

ASC_BREAKER (Soul Breaker) will have 150% damage (50% more damage) (If the damage was 10k, then now it will be 15k)

CR_ACIDDEMONSTRATION will have 50% damage (50% less damage) (If the damage was 20k, then now it will be 10k)


Now you can do the same in "    /* GvG zone is applied to all maps with a gvg mapflag */"  and "    name: "GvG2"" or in what you want. But these will make changes for PvP and WoE1/WoE2.



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