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Tio Akima



Hello guys

I'm studying the area damage skills.

I got the WZ_VERMILION skill to study.

But I am not finding in Skill.c where I change the amount of target cells and not even the skill damage ..

Can you tell me where to find this?

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battle.c is where you change the damage for any skill.


i've been looking for stuff like this myself, particularly i'm trying to change how quickly multihits hit next. i don't understand why they're so damn hard to find. anyways, my guess is this. this is where special exceptions for AoE skills are defined, so i assume the "non special exception" is for the rest of the AoE skills. the problem is i have no clue where any of this is defined for each skill individually:




i might be wrong though, but i can confirm that both of the spells do inflict a square so that might actually be it. where the hell is the i variable then?:



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