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I have been a part of this community for more than two years. I feel my skills have reached a point where I can offer them in a freelance manner.

About Me

I started scripting in 2016, as my server was in desperate need of developers. Over time, I branched into source. My specialties include editing skills, creating menu-based scripts, atcommands and script commands.


Below are some samples I created for the community. I believe they are proof of my ability and hopefully fill you with confidence to hire me.

Function - Ordinal Suffix: Adds the ordinal suffix to a number. E.g. 1 -> 1st, 223 -> 223rd, 1000 -> 1000th, etc.
Soul Link NPC: A basic NPC which allows players to pay for Soul Links.
Wheel of Fortune: While not an original script idea of mine, the final version was revised and edited by me.

Script Commands
BUILDIN(getalliance): A script command which returns the Alliance and Opposition Guild IDs of the inputted Guild ID.

Skill/Status Edits
TF_BACKSLIDING: A plugin which re-enables Back Sliding's animation, the way it was in eAthena.
Magic Rod Behavior: A pull request I made which allows you to configure Magic Rod to use its old eAthena behavior.
SG_PARRYING_LOV: A plugin which gives a Star Gladiator the 'Lord of Vermilion' and 'Parrying' skills while Soul Linked.


My specialties, the things you should absolutely hire me for:

  • Atcommands.
  • Script commands.
  • Anything script related.
  • Skill modification.

Scripting: I consider myself proficient with the script engine. Pitch your idea to me, I'll make it work.
Source Edits: When it comes to source edits, you should specify if you want it in plugin or diff/instruction form. In the case you want a plugin, I will investigate if it is feasible for the source to be in plugin format.

Depending on my schedule (I am a University student) and the difficulty of the job, completion can take anywhere from 2-3 days to up to a week. When I agree to take on your job, I will usually inform you how long I believe it will take. I will only take on 2 jobs at any one time.


All prices start at $5, with the exception of scripts, which start at $3.
Payment is only available through PayPal. No other methods will be accepted.

Continued support after the completion of your job is free. 


You can contact me via PM here on the Hercules forums or on Discord. I go by the same name 'Myriad' on the Hercules Discord.
→ I check these forums every 2-3 days. I have email alerts setup for my PMs, so if you message me here, I should get back to you in a day or two at the most.
→ I usually log into my Discord once or twice a day. It may take 24-48 hours to get a response from me, but in most cases it should be within 12 hours.


Edited by Myriad

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Come one, come all. I have converted the single greatest source edit into plugin form:

Consider me for your next job. Editing skills, statuses and making atcommand and script commands are my specialty!

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On 2/2/2019 at 3:53 AM, Inzanity said:

Can you let me know when you are avaible again?  
Can also add me on discord Inzanity#1558


Hi Inzanity,

It would depend on the size of the request. I don't have a lot of time to test, so any sort of long script (like an event or quest) would be out of the question. Skill edits and custom functions don't take up too much time, so if you needed anything like that, I could be of service.

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Yes it would be skill related (a bunch / lot of them though, but can deal with them one by one, or in packet size, but with bigger dead lines).

Could you add me on discord for further discussions? :)

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