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[Showcase] Arena R4

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Hello and Hi!) I'm new here!)
And I just want to show you my first map made in BrowEdit <3
This map was created for my server, but it was closed, because nobody played it :С
P.S. Feel free to comment/ask or let me know what you need to correct.






As you can see, the location is quite simple, but it is rather advanced.
The script consists of 1110 lines and there are attempts to play with
the height. It's all because, in fact, the original idea was to make
a real training center out of it. But something went wrong, and it
became a test platform for pvp)


Since the creation of the video, some corrections have been made, for
example, instead of saws in the floor, a real column of death appeared.
And after death in the cosmic area, now the player is not visible under the texture.


Please rate it :D if the map is good enough

Edited by w0wZukuBg

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On 26.05.2018 at 7:46 PM, luizragna said:

What is this yellow barreier effect?

Hello, I found this object at 1 @ rev when I looked through the list of
of kRO locations. I liked it, it's more like an effect. This barrier on
my map is marked by cells through which you can only shoot.
And you can enter the zone only from the north side.


On 27.05.2018 at 11:44 AM, Ridley said:

nice, mappers are rare nowadays :)

Hi, I decided to support the section a little ;P

Edited by w0wZukuBg

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