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How to apply a diff file


getting tired of people keep sending me personal message -> how do I apply your koe patch
after about 6 PMs or so I getting really fed up,
only then I realize there is no guide to properly teach members how to apply a diff file, so here I make one for you guys

First step

A lot of people download hercules in .zip format. This is WRONG.


instead, follow the proper guide and use tortoisegit (if you are using windows) to download your server

This is the proper guide on how to install hercules



Question: but I am using rathena, not hercules
Answer: just change the link into rathena ones



Second step

after you get your proper server, the first thing you have to do is get rid of your current one
this is the painful process, because you did not follow the guide

but on the up side, you can always update your server every week just by Git pull
which already mentioned in that installation topic guide

Question: but every time I Git pull, it always ask to resolve conflicts
Answer: that's the reason hercules community stop providing patch file and transition towards plugin system
you should always keep your server up to date with the latest revision as we always add new features and bug fix

nobody on the board like to give support on old emulator

Question: but rathena doesn't have plugin system
Answer: yes rathena doesn't support right now, but will be soon in the near future. rathena already slowly transition towards C++ format

On 11/2/2016 at 8:24 PM, Secrets said:

However, the project has its downside. It may break every single source mods out there. Although, I believe that it will be much easier to recreate mods in the future. In addition, rAthena being in C++ open the possibility for a nice plugin system to make mod developers' life easier. Also, currently the project will not compile on Linux. We will make a change to our Makefile later to support Linux.



Third Step

now you have a .diff file, download the file somewhere, right click on it

then point the link towards your hercules installation folder

  • Apply Patch Serial...
  • Review/apply single patch...

if either option doesn't work, try the other



I am windows user, so I never use Linux or Centos whatever,
so this guide is purely meant for those keep bombard my PM box over and over

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