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[Showcase] Barcode

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Sorry for the double posting, I decided to spam a little this section)))

Always dreamed of making a bar in the world of RO. Not an ordinary one,
there are a lot of bars, but modern with a dance floor and a disco.
And, it happened so that now I have two bars made in this way.
You can find my previous bar release here: Click here to go






This barcode is more informal. It is no longer connected stylistically
with any city. Holds in a larger number of players, there is even a scene
with a microphone, where you can perform standup or something like
that. I really like the updated dance floor and an awkward toy in a small
pool. It was possible to make so that the player was highlighted by
different colors. When creating, non-original textures were also used.


Please rate it :D if the map is good enough

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