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[Showcase] Rune-Midgards Mini

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Let me show you my next map!) Just a map in which I managed to accommodate all
the cities of Run-Midgard to 13.2 episodes and even Kunlun. You will never guess
why this location was created (it was just for some kind of Fast Travel...) And I
started to draw this even before the game Cuphead appears! Now I think,
what if I combine this idea with my map ...






The outlines of the world are quite equivalent to the original map presented
in most sources. The map requires an airy atmosphere because of Kunlun (you can see it at 08:16 in the video)
and Juno. Despite a large number of objects, nothing slows the FPS,
unless of course tilting the camera by 90 degrees, like this:


The clouds are added on top of the picture just for the w0w effect,
in fact they are at the bottom and above just a blue background = )
A lot of objects are available for moving, for example, you can 
go to the ships. Also, almost all types of land near the water
are covered by hill objects to hide the difference between
the marine and earth texture.


By the way, it was pretty fun to bring the big-sized Morroc into this world.
If he were really so big, he would cause more cause for concern hahaa ~


Please rate it :D if the map is good enough

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