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[Showcase] SCP-087

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Just a ladder to nowhere... or is it somewhere?
The original idea is taken from the mini-game SPC-087.
You can watch the gameplay of this game on YouTube,
I do not know which blogger you are more interested in,
so here's the link to the teaser: Click here to go


[email protected]



I think this is a new record - an endless staircase on a 60x60 map
against four 200x200 maps of an endless tower! It took a little work
to make the location as depressing and gloomy as possible. And when
one night I suddenly got scared of the result, I somehow immediately
realized that it's time to stop sitting at night and traumatize the psyche :sweat_smile:

ZdBRVNV.png - For a better effect, you need a constant camera position as in the video

At the end of the staircase, a climb to the top floor - 7eQmWr0.png


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