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[Showcase] Yavin1b

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You know, I just could not take and not make 
the full version of the map ja_yavin01 released earlier.
So look and be surprised ;)





The map is based on the starting location of the game JK:JA.
I extended the territory, made a vicious circle, added new ideas
and came up with the technique of creating enclosed spaces.

rDyvgdI.pngkLw7jz9.png - screenshots of the original map "yavin1b" from this game

To the location did not look completely boring, I diversified
the road with traps, bunkers, defenders and other stuff.


Also, nature was seriously worked out, corresponding
to the spirit of the original, but more lively and colorful.
When creating, modified textures from the game JA were used.


Due to the circularity of the map, as well as the presence
of various hidden places and places suitable for defense,
it is quite possible to use it for an alternative mode of BG
or pvp death match. The last screen from BrowEdit:


Please rate it :D if the map is good enough

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