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[Showcase] Four Battle Books

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... I have long had an idea to make a location like a pop-up book ... to tell a story ...
... now I have a book ... even 4 ... and I'll tell the story :D let's seat and listen to ...


The Legend of the Great, Wise and Four Battle Books

The legend has it that a long time ago a great, but very lonely wizard lived away from people who thought about creating four magic books of elemental magic: earth, wind, fire and water. Ordinary people feared his wonders as a fire, tried to address only the most hopeless cases and always walked around his house, but the great magician believed that thanks to his books people would learn to live in harmony with magic and in harmony with nature. He hoped that with the help of these books people would learn to control nature, use resources wisely, and he himself would receive the post of chief wizard of Rune-Midgard and become a respected man. Half a century of life, he spent writing his main manuscript. And then came the day when he created and endowed all four books with power, and set out on his journey to the king. On his way to the capital, he met a poor sage, who also went to the palace to present to the king amazing boots-speeders, capable of allowing him to instantly survey his huge possessions (these boots were even sewn specially to the size of the king's feet!). All day, the sage imagined what a great reward from the king would be for the invention of speedboots, and our great wizard only smiled back, because he knew that one pair of boots could not eclipse the glory of his manuscripts. And the sage walked and thought to himself that boots-speed are a reward at a time, but with magic books, more wealth will come out. And then came the evening. The sage waited until the great magician fell asleep, and, that is, pulled out the wizard's books and ran as quickly as he could to his native capital, the city of Juno. There, in the guild of sages, he, dressing his boots-speeders on his hands for agility, spent the whole night casting spells on empty scrolls to copy the texts of incantations from the books of the great magician. Gathering a heavy bag of parchment, he rushed all the way to Alberta town to his familiar influential merchant. This trader did not understand anything about magic, but he knew perfectly well where to make money. At first he did not want to get up for a long time (especially for a man wearing speed boots!), then he did not want to go to open the door, but as soon as he heard that there was a big gain, he himself dragged the sage to his house and closed all the doors and shutters . The merchant had a network of his shops and tents all around the Rune-Midgard, so he immediately sent a servant to order the sending of scrolls of magic in the morning as an exclusive to his stores (and especially valuable ordered to put in premium ones). To the sage he gave for start a large bag of gold coins and promised to reward him with a bunch of money and a new pair of good boots when their business is working. On that and decided. And he was not mistaken with new shoes. When the wise man reached the great wizard in the morning and returned his books to the place, the once shining polished boots-speed skates turned into scrapes and rags that are not capable of overtaking even Mi Gao. The great wizard did not notice anything, and for a week they walked together, as if nothing had happened, arguing about which of them would receive the title of chief magician from the king. Only when the gleaming gates appeared on the horizon, the wise man reported that he was heading to Izlude port to see his old friend and give in to the first visit to the wizard, because the sage was firmly convinced of his own victory. In fact, he wanted to hurry to hire a ship, ready to go to Alberta, take his share stake from the merchant and hide away from the wizard. The great magician said goodbye to the sage and headed across the pavement of the capital straight to the palace, clutching the books in his hands. Imagine his surprise when he saw the strange magic scrolls that had clogged the tents of Prontera. People around were discussing new-fangled scrolls, children were running around and playing with small lightning. The pleasant girl-saleswoman cheerfully invited him to try the magic of the scrolls and offered one for the trial. As soon as he touched the paper, the great wizard recognized his incantations and realized that the whole matter of his life had been stolen! But by whom?! In a fit of anger, he tore up the ill-fated scroll, and rushed for the dishonest sage. He knew that this wise man would not wear the speedboots, because they did not fit the size of his legs, but to be sure, the great wizard gathered air around him, and the wind lifted him above the ground, sweeping away everything in his path. So the magic of the wind became the magic of a hurricane. Flying over Izlude town, the great wizard noticed his old wise friend walking along the dock to the ship, which was about to sail. Then the great wizard took the power of the earth in his hands and began to destroy the white stones of the quay. So the magic of the earth became the magic of stone. The dishonest sage, seeing that the abyss was about to open, put on the remnants of the short boots-speeders, and barely had time to scatter and jump to the deck of the hastily raising anchor ship. Then the great wizard summoned the ghosts of the sea and froze the water around him to stop the ship. So the magic of water turned into the magic of ice. Having reached the ship, the great wizard began to search the cabins and in the last of them he found the sage, who was shaking in a corner, hovering in fear, "O great magician, now I see how powerful you are! If I had at least a little of your mind, it would never have occurred to me to steal from you! I was poor and dishonorable, and now I am rich and again dishonorable! Please take all the gold, just leave me alone!" With these words, the sage tossed a bag of coins to the great wizard. In his hands the coins were heated up to white and the fire spilled on the planks of the ship, so the magic of fire turned into the magic of lava. Returning through the air, the great wizard observed the terrible results of magic, he wanted to give to people. The flaming ship, the ice spikes that grew on the surface of the sea, the destroyed port of Izlude town, and the roofs of houses that had been torn down by the hurricane. He was horrified and broken, people pointing at him and shouting, "What is this awful wizard? Why did you cause us all this horror? We send an eternal curse on you, as you directed your magic against us!" So the great wizard became a terrible wizard. From that moment, now, wherever people notice his magic, he was always rebuffed and expelled from the settlement. From grief, he went mad and disappeared from the human eyes in the wild forests among the orcs, who became his only close demi-human creatures. From his books, people were left with only scattered scrolls with a bit of knowledge, copies of which are carefully stored in the Library of Juno and tirelessly reprinted by the sages word for word. Unfortunately the mystery of the boots-speed skates died with that wise man. It is rumored that sometimes the terrible wizard steals lost travelers with his magic and imprisons them in his magic books, forcing them to fight with each other for the sake of the orcs' pleasure. Although this story happened a long time ago, but even now if someone else enters these forests... no, no, he will go back... and she will go back... sure...





The 1st Battle Book consists of Earth Element Magic.
Here, two teams can fight each other using castle fortifications.
The location is illuminated by a green, "natural" hue.
Here is a screenshot from BrowEdit : )






The 2nd Battle Book consists of Wind Element Magic.
Here, two teams can fight each other using different paths.
The location is illuminated by a yellow, "warm" hue.
Here is a screenshot from BrowEdit : )





The 3rd Battle Book consists of Fire Element Magic.
Here, two teams can fight each other using different paths.
The location is illuminated by a red, "dangerous" hue.
Here is a screenshot from BrowEdit : )





The 4th Battle Book consists of Water Element Magic.
Here, two teams can fight each other using a high trail.
The location is illuminated by a blue, "cold" hue.
Here is a screenshot from BrowEdit : )


Please rate it :D if the maps are good enough

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