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BlackoutRO - Super High Rate

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About BlackoutRO

Oh, hey, what's up? long time no chat u gm.

BlackoutRO is a very old server. It first opened in 2006. After 10 years of service, in 2015, it closed due to the neglect of development. In 2016, the server was rebuilt from scratch and went through a long testing phase. August 2018 saw the full relaunch of the server. Read more about the history of BlackoutRO: [Click here]

Why should you invest time in BlackoutRO?

Here at Blackout, we are all about fast-paced BG, PvP and WoE. Do the words "skill spam" send tingles down your spine? They should. Free-flowing battles is what we all crave. How about "competitive War of Emperium"? We boast the most consistently competitive private server WoE scene. Since 2010, players have attended Wars with open arms, ready to be torn to shreds and to repeat it week after week.

As of August 2018, "Pay to Win" elements have been removed from the server. To become a serious player, you'll need to actually play the game. Good? Bad? You decide! We, the Staff Team, are all about making ethical decisions in the best interest of the server. The server always comes before one's own interests. These values, along with our strong connection to our community, will be what drive us forward, and is why you should feel comforted in investing time into BlackoutRO.

Join our community. It'll be the time of your RO life.

Server Information

Server Opened: August 16, 2018. The current database has been live since September 2016 - all items and zeny from before then were lost due to the server being rebuilt from scratch. Accounts, characters and guilds were retained.
Server Location: California, USA
Mode: Pre-Renewal
Maximum Base / Job Levels: 500 / 120
Base / Job Experience Rates: 10001x / 10001x
Drop rates: 100% (most common items and MvP drops), 30% (most equipment), 10% (cards)

Maximum Stat Value: 450
Maximum Attack Speed: 197
Instant Cast: 170 DEX
Status Immunity: 300 LUK


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